air force basic training ribbon types

If joining the Air Force was a video game, that would make basic training the tutorial mode. This is where you will learn the skills and discipline necessary to become the next member of the Air Force. But just like a video game, there are a couple of achievements that you can obtain upon graduation, and I’m going to show you how. First, I need to explain what a ribbon rack is. So a ribbon rack is like a trophy case for your achievements, except you get to wear them on your uniform.

So anytime you do something special or you’re part of a big mission, you have an opportunity to obtain a ribbon. And the more you have, the more people know that you’ve done something special. In basic training, you have the opportunity to earn up to four different ribbons. Everyone’s going to leave with two at the bare minimum. The first one you get is the Air Force basic training ribbon.

And you get this just for graduating basic training. The next one you automatically get because of the current times is a national defense medal. And this means that you went to basic training at a time of war or conflict. So now you get to wear that ribbon. Now, the next two that I mentioned, you’re going to have to earn those.

The first ribbon we’re going to discuss is the marksmanship ribbon. And to obtain this achievement, it requires you to shoot at a high level of proficiency. If you’ve never fired a weapon before, don’t panic, because prior to going to basic training, I had never fired a rifle, and I was still able to obtain marksman while in basic training. When I went through, back in 2006, we shot an m 16. The Air Force has transitioned to the m four, and that’ll be the weapon you’ll be firing prior to actually going to the shooting range, you’re going to go through an academic course where they teach you how to fire this weapon.

To all of my hunters and people who use guns regularly, this does not automatically mean you’re going to get marksman. When you go through basic training, listen to your instructor, because if you have bad habits and you ignore your instructor, those bad habits will be exposed during the qualification test. Trust me. Not only do they teach you how to fire this weapon, they’re also going to teach you how to handle it, how to load and unload it, and lastly, they’ll teach you how to dismantle and clean the rifle. When you go to the shooting range, your goal is to shoot 22 out of 24 shots.

To obtain marksman, you’re going to get a practice round before your actual qualification, so use everything the instructor taught you during that time and get all your kinks out. And my biggest tip is to control your breathing. You’re going to have a big target. You’re going to have a medium sized target. You’re going to have a small target.

You’re going to shoot eight rounds per target. Most likely you’re going to get all eight of your shots into the big one. You might miss a little in the medium one, and you might miss a few in a small one, but your goal overall is 22 out of 24 within those targets. If you manage to do this, you will receive a marksmanship ribbon upon graduation. Now, this next ribbon, I’ll be lying to you if I said that I got it.

I’ll be honest with you. I was a screw up in basic training. Had a lot of embarrassing stories, one that I’ll share with you. Basic training was extremely difficult for me and I was upset pretty much for the first three weeks. At about that time, things started to make a little bit more sense.

We’re marching, we’re singing Jody’s and I got this chill that rushed up my body. I had this sense of pride as we’re marching. Never felt that before. So it was od for me. So I got a little smile on my face.

Of course the ti sees me. I don’t know how, but he stops the flight and he yanks me out. Didn’t ask me why I’m smiling. He just said, oh, you think something’s funny. You’re going to stand in front of the flight and you’re going to smile until I tell you to stop.

So this sense of joy instantly got yanked and now I’m walking around in basic training like this. Do you know how much attention you receive walking around basic training smiling? Every MTI we walk past, I got to explain to them while I’m smiling and why I can’t wipe it off my face. So I don’t have experience with autograph. But I know what you need to do to achieve it.

This is going to be based on your overall performance of physical fitness, academics, military bearing, and attention to detail. During basic training, you’re going to do a lot of PT and it’s going to push you to your limits. At the end of basic training, you have to take a PT test and you have to score at least a 90. I could be wrong, but I think it’s a 90 in order for you to be eligible for undergrad. If I’m wrong, go ahead and write what the actual score is in the comments below and I’ll pin your post so everybody else knows.

Basic training also includes classroom instruction. You’re going to be taught military customs and courtesies. You’re going to be taught your chain in command and a lot of other topics. In order to pass basic training, you’re going to have to take an exam demonstrating that you understood all of the material. In order to be eligible for your honor grad ribbon, you’re going to need to pass that exam with at least a 90 or above.

You also need to demonstrate military bearing and leadership throughout basic training. Basically, don’t be a clown. Don’t be the person smiling in your flight as you’re marching. That’s not how you’re going to get undergrad. Just set a good, positive example.

Listen to your training instructors and you should be fine. You’re also going to have inspections. You’re going to be responsible for making sure your uniform is in great condition. When you first get these uniforms, they’re going to come with a bunch of loose strains. They may be a little wrinkly, and they’re just going to need a little extra care from you to look their best.

You’re also going to be assigned a wall locker to put your uniforms and other items in. Your responsibility is to ensure your wall locker is organized and clean at all times. And also you want to make sure that your bed is always in good shape. Every morning you wake up. You’re going to have to make your bed.

If you don’t do this right now, I would highly encourage y’all to start making your bed every morning. That way you’re used to it by the time you get to basic training. And lastly, in order to get this ribbon, you have to be recommended by your Ti so you can do all of the before mentioned things and still not be recommended. And that may come down out to your military bearing or your lack of leadership. I have a video on the screen right now that gives you one of the biggest tips that Tis are recommending you do prior to coming to basic training.

Like I always say, I hope this video brought value to you. Stay beautiful, stay classy, and until next time, check me out.

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