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What’s up my soldiers? Wabuyana today I’m going to be talking to you guys about BMT Honor grad. Now, BMT, you can earn a total of four ribbons and a minimum of two. Honor grad is one of those ribbons. The four ribbons that you can earn at BMT are the National Defense Service Medal, the BMT graduate ribbon, the marksman ribbon, and the BMT Honor grad ribbon.


To earn BMT Honor grad, you have to meet a minimum of six requirements. The first being that you have to be in the top 10% of your flight to be selected in the first place just to compete for BMT undergrad. Secondly, you have to meet your physical requirement, which is to get a minimum of thunderbolt on your PT test, which is a minimum of 90%. Step three, you have to meet a minimum of 90% on your EOC, which is your end of course exam. It’s a 100 question test.


So that means you can only get ten questions wrong on the whole test. But it’s not that difficult. The EOC is really easy. You have to pass all of your inspections. I would say the inspections are much harder than the EOC.


The inspections are on your wall locker. Your wall locker is basically a wall locker that is next to your bed. And you keep all your clothes in there. And there’s a certain way that they’ll tell you how to fold your clothes and hang up everything in your closet. If you want to learn more about inspections, click on this link right here.


Step five is that you have to be recommended by your MTI to be submitted into the category, to just run for it, just to be selected for it. And then step six is you can’t get in any trouble. You can’t have any disciplinary action against you, which means comments, locs and lors, which are the three steps that come against you for whenever you get in trouble. The first step is 340 ones, but those don’t count. If you want to learn more about 340 ones, click this link now.


BMT. There’s five jobs that’ll get you some extra points towards BMT autograph. The first is dorm chief. Dorm chief is the biggest heavy hitter. It gets you extra three points.


Second is elm leaders. Third is beast Monitor. Fourth is God on bearer. And then fifth, I believe, is childrunner. You all get points, but it’s different.


I think chowrunner only gets like two points. I think God on bearer only gets like two points. And dorm chief gets the most of three points. But it definitely helps you. Pretty much every dorm chief gets honor grad as long as they pass their EOC in their physical fitness test.


But yeah, guys, that’s pretty much BMT honor grad. If you have any questions, let me know. Comment this video show like this video? Subscribe down below. If you have any questions, let me know.


Thanks for watching. Peace.


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