air force basic training tips

You can’t be out there shining and the whole team looks like butt.

Do your dad. Do your dad. Do your dad.

So you’re about to embark on one of the hardest moments of your life. Going to air force basic training. It’s not easy, but some of you had these big goals where you want to go out there and shine, you want to take home all the awards, and some of you just want to graduate, be quiet the whole time and not get noticed. I got five tips to help anyone accomplish your goals in air force basic training. Let’s go. I gotta do comment of the week first. So I had a video go viral for the first time. It was the eight reasons why the air force is the best branch to join. I had a lot of different comments. I had some funny ones, had some mean ones, had a lot of chair force ones. But there’s one that’s really popular. It’s from Oscar Seguera. I hope I said that right. He said cries and marines, air force really do get the best out of everyone. Lol. I thought that that was pretty funny. My biggest tip is learn how to take responsibility for a mistake. You can prepare as much as you want for basic training, but you’re still going to make mistakes.

There’s just things you don’t know. So the worst thing you can do is mess up and then try to make excuses about it.

She did catch me laying in the bed with another woman. Okay, now, the way that happened when she came in, I did not know.

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One time my ti told me to hold the door. He didn’t tell me which door. He just said, hold the door. So I go hold the door. Come to find out I’m holding the wrong door. T I walked past me and said, boy, you about as dumb as two.

Turtles that shit hurting.

I don’t know if they still talk to you that way in basic training, but you just gotta eat that, learn from your mistakes, and make sure you share those lessons with everybody in the flight so nobody does that again. Next, if you on top of your stuff and everything that you do is sharp, tip top, but everybody else in your flight is struggling, that’s your fault. You can’t be out there shining and the whole team looks like butt. The Ti don’t care about that. The Ti cares that the flight is shining together. So if you know something, whether it be marching, whether it be folding clothes, whether it be memory work, share it. Share it with the rest of the flight. Don’t be worried about somebody else knowing the things that you know. The team is only as strong as the weakest link. So if you bring everybody up to be as strong as you, then you have turned a butt flight into a top flight, top flight security of the world crib. And that’s going to look way more respectable than just being better than everybody in your flight. I wasn’t too good at too much in basic training, but I knew the memory work.

So anybody who was struggling with the memory work, I’ll pull them to the side. We study together. Just basic little things like that. I didn’t come out of basic training winning anything, but I did help my team. Next, you all want to learn how to search for an answer. You don’t want to constantly go to the TI trying to get the answer. There’s all kind of information in basic training and prior to basic training where you can get those answers. So prior to going to basic training, you can download the aim high app, and that has a bunch of information to help you prepare for basic training. When you actually get to basic training, they’re going to give you a BMT study guide. There’s a BMT dorm guide. There’s a cork board with all kind of information on it, and you can rely on your wingman. If you all are out there crushing it with minimal interaction with your Ti, your Ti is going to love that. And this brings me to my next point. Try to handle issues at the lowest possible level. In the air force, we got these things called chain of command.

At the highest level. At the chain of command, it’s going to be the president of the United States. At the lowest level, it’s going to be a lot of you and basic training. So before you raise a concern up the Train of command, try to talk it out with your peers. Try to talk it out with somebody at your level first before you raise it up. If you know somebody is hot duty, the worst thing you can do is wait for the Ti to address it. The Ti gonna look at everybody like, how the hell did this happen? How did nobody catch it? And even more, you can kind of create a cancer within the flight. So if you let that person, or if you let that group of people who are out of line, if you just let it fester, it can destroy your flight from within, and that can make basic training suck. And then you want to just learn how to take feedback. If somebody’s telling you that you’re hot doodoo, then most likely you’re hot doodoo. These cis aren’t just yelling at you to be mean. So don’t take things personal.

They’re trying to grow you. They’re trying to grow you into the airmen that they need you to be to graduate basic training. It may not seem like it when they’re yelling at you, but these tis really care about you. It’s kind of like in a Harry Potter movie. I’m not a big Harry Potter fan, but I remember this professor Snape in the beginning of the movies. They try to make him out to seem like the bad guy. But as the movies progress, you realize one of the ones who care most about the people, and that’s how your tis are. They’re just gonna be hard on you, giving you tough love. And you gotta be grown enough to accept that. If you’re wondering how you can grow to be an effective leader in the air force or the military, I got a video on the screen right now for you that you can watch that gives you ten tips on how to grow into a better airmen. Like I always say, I hope this video brought value to you. Stay beautiful, stay classy. And until next time, check me out.

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