Air Force Special Operations ASVAB Scores

Okay, switching gears to kind of the AsVAB, the test that everybody has to take in order to join. I know there’s different scores associated with that, different things, but what would be the minimum to get in for an ASVAB score?

So the minimum to get into the air force in general is a 31. Now, are you going to be qualified for a lot of jobs? Possibly not. But regardless, if the dream is to get into the air force and you qualify for it, do it. By all means, do it, because it’s going to change your life no matter what. Changed mine. Mine wasn’t very high score either. Here I am. I’ll admit that somebody called me out on the other day, actually, it was a school visit. We were doing a classroom presentation. Guy was like, hey, what are you all scores? And I’m like, the guy’s like, one of the other guys I was there with, they’re like, oh, I scored like the 70 something. And I’m like, yeah, first of all, how dare you.

First of all, how about you keep that question to yourself, bud?

College boys.

Well, the reason why. So you kind of already teed me up for the follow on then, is that what are the rules for taking it again? Because I know that there are some stipulations that, yeah, you can take it again after a certain amount of time, but then after that second one, you’ve got to wait and all that kind of stuff.

Yes. So you have 30 days to wait in between up to three tries. So once you hit that third try and it just doesn’t go your way, then you have to wait six months. So the longer it takes for you to pass, the longer you have to wait. Kind of same thing that goes into kind of development with these candidates if you’re not passing, probably honestly, the first or second time, because you take the practice test initially, right? Kind of see where you’re at. Like, oh, they scored 15. Like, okay, go home, study. Let’s have you take a practice test again in a couple of weeks. If you come out and you take the as fab and you just bomb it and you come out again and you bomb it the second time, what have you been doing in a month? Are you sitting at home? I’m going to think about it. They get stuck on their phone, on Instagram, scrolling through one’s ready podcast.

If you’re going to be on Instagram, it might as well be our page. No big deal.

Then they would crush it, though, if they were on our page.

It’s not going to help you smarter yeah, it might make you dumber, I think, especially listening to me, if it’s one where I’m heavily focused, like, sorry.

But, yeah, that’s really the biggest thing is just seeing some of that. I had a couple when I was doing my tier one that just could not pass it. I don’t know what was going on. I don’t know what they’re doing at home. I understand you got a home life, but, man, if you want to do something, you got to dedicate some time to it. So that was my biggest thing. I always told them that. And whether they listen or not, obviously, proofs in the pudding, right?

Are you saying that sacrifice will be required to make it into this community regardless?


Great question. Great question, Trent.

A thousand percent. If you’re not taking time management, also as a recruiter, you learn about time management day one. So doing something like this, especially being a civilian, not in the air force yet, if you’re not dedicating time, obviously, like I said, you have work. If you have kids or a wife or a spouse, whatever is at home, whatever else, you got to take care of, like priority. Right? But if you want to do this, you got to take the time and you have to train. You got to work out. We’re not telling you to go do the stuff in your off time because we’re trying to blow smoke up your ass and be like, oh, they’re going to come back and they’re going to pass. It’s going to happen. It’s just hands down, you got to put time in. You got to do it if this is what you want to do. Because when you get actually get in, say you get through swick, say you get through anus, you get selected. It doesn’t stop. It’s 1000%. It’s excellence at all times. Anything less is not acceptable. So you always got to give you.

A three month vacation after that. So you can do whatever you want to do.

I’m going to Google that. That’s right.

Unofficial part of the podcast. Not.

That’s it.

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