Tactical Air Control Party

Today we’re talking about TACP. It stands for tactical air control party. And I’m just to level with you. This job exists for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to put warheads on foreheads. I’m trying to tell you, if the tactical air control party shows up, there’s to be anatomical confetti everywhere.

TAC P is basically the Air Force’s version of a grunt. But they got that Air Force budget money, so they’re like fancy designer grunts. Gucci grunts, if you will. So what does all that fancy Air Force money buy you? Every TACP has to go through basic training.

Then they go to the special warfare preparatory course. Then they get to go to the actual TAc P schoolhouse. Assuming they make it through that, they’ll go to the army airborne school where they learn how to jump out of a perfectly good plane. And then they will go to seer training. And that is just the bare minimum to become a TAC P.

They are then all but required to attend the JTAC qualification course, which stands for joint terminal attack controller, which allows them to call in close air support. A lot of people get that confused and think that JTAC is an actual job in the military. It is not. It is just an extra qualification or certification that you can earn. It’s like being airborne.

After they finish all their high speed training, some of them go on to special forces, but the majority are going to get embedded with the army and the Marine Corps grunts. From there, it’s their job to go out on mission with the grunts and carry a 90 pound backpack full of all kinds of communication equipment, everything from satcoms to radios, lasers for painting targets, laser rangefinders. Basically, he’s there to translate all the booga noises from the grunts into, like, math and science so the air force understands where to drop their bombs. So he’s a grunt, but he’s a nerd, too. He’s kind of like Donatello.

Except when Donatello over here calls for fire, he’s not just asking for your regular artillery or yidas deletus. If Uncle Sam has it, this man can call for it. Whether we’re talking about the a ten warthog, the ac 130, pretty much any type of bomb, and even naval bombardment, I’m trying to tell you, Tac P’s are not on the battlefield to unalive bad guys. They are there to erase terrain features that may or may not have bad guys on them. Here’s what I need you to understand.

This is the only man that’s gonna enable the air force to be able to save the grunts’lives if shit hits the fan. This man cares about his grunts the same way the grunts care about Doc. If you mess with this man’s grunts, he’s gonna hit you so hard, your eyes are gonna be blue. One’s gonna blow that way, and the other one’s gonna blow that way. Because this man will hit you with a piece of ordinance that’s got a price tag similar to that of the gdp of a small to medium sized country.

I can feel my tax is going up just thinking about it. And God forbid you shoot at Doc, because then you’re really going to get the grunts and the Tac p working together. The grunts are going to keep you where you’re at with suppressing fire while the TaC P calls up the air force and tells them to drop something so bright it’s going to sunburn your soul. And then a few minutes later, the last thing you’re ever going to hear is a bunch of 20 year old athletic alcoholics with machine guns singing here comes the sun fucking. Oh, no.

In conclusion, the air force doesn’t have many grunts, but the ones they do have are absolutely game changers. And when it comes to the tack peas, they not only pose a threat to the enemy, but to the terrain they reside on as well. Thank you for watching. Best way to support the channel is to go get some t shirt or some [email protected]. Quack bang.


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