Air Force Special Warfare PAST Test

Today I’m attending the air force pararescue physical agility and stamina test. I’m here with Brian. He’s going to be my proctor. Kind of nervous about it. He kind of looks like he’s to roast me, but it’s. I’m gonna do my best shot. Let’s rock and roll.

Hey, everybody, BK here. Former air force pararescueman, and I’m here today to give Austin Alexander a physical agility and stamina test. This is the first test on the path to be becoming an Air force special warfare operator. Let’s see what he’s got. All right, Austin, first event is the pull ups, and we’re gonna do as many pull ups as possible. If your feet come and hit off the ground or if you let go of the bar, the event is over.

We got some guys mowing the grass in the background, so if you guys hear the lawnmower, don’t roast me in the comments.

We’re going to start like this, and we’re going to go up and over. Chin over the bar. Down easy. Okay.

Minimum eight.

Minimum of eight. We want a lot more than that, though. I would say to be competitive, you’re going to want to hit at least 14. Prepare to mount the bar. Mount the bar and hang. Begin. 1239, keep it going. That’s ten. Let’s go. You got a few more. Get up. Get up. I’ll count that. Twelve. Got one more. Come on, you got it. Get up, Austin. All right. Twelve good ones, though. It was pretty good. Good job.

More than I thought I could do. All right, so this next rest is for two minutes, and then we’re going into push ups.

Yes. This is the push up. It’s all the way up, all the way down. No butt in the air. Nothing like that. We’re going to go regular push up, straight back. We’re going to go down one, down two.

Copy that.

Okay. There’s none of this. There’s no resting in the air. If you want to, the only authorized rest position is the starting position. This is the starting position. So if you got to take a minute, that’s fine, but then go back to work and do it. Okay?

Got you.

And you have two minutes to do this exercise. As many as you can. Ready? Go. 1234-5678 910 1112 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22-2324-2526-2728-293 that’s 25 seconds gone. You got plenty of time. 3132-3334-3536-3738-394 seconds gone. 414-243-4445 you got it. Come on, keep it up. 45. Sitting at 45 push ups. 4647-4849 get that 50th. Good job. That’s 1 minute, 4 seconds gone at 50. 51. 52. Good. 53. 54. Go, Austin. You got this, man. 55. That’s 1 minute, 30 seconds gone. You got 30 seconds left. Push it. 56. Get up. 50. 715 seconds, Austin. Push it out. Get up, Austin. Get up. 50. And that’s a conclusion. 57 push ups.

Chest to the deck. Ruined me. Probably should have been a little more conservative on those push ups. I’m going to go ahead and take a lay.

You got a minute and 10 seconds to rest. All right. Start getting focused, Austin. All right, so for air force special warfare, for pararescue, we do sit ups where I’m going to hold your ankles. You get two minutes. You have to lace your fingers behind your head. The fingers cannot come unlaced.

That’s different.

And it’s going to be basically very simple. You’re going to be laying. This is the starting position. And when I say go, you’re going to come up one. You want your body all the way, at least perpendicular to the ground. Okay. Keep your fingers underlace behind your head, and I’ll be holding your ankles. Give you a little bit more support on that.

I’ve never done a test where my fingers are locked behind my head. I’m usually doing collar.

That’s the navy. Yeah, the Navy does that, but in the air force, they still do it. Old timey. Don’t rest on a layback. If you rest more than like, a second or two, they’d call the test. So once you get down, your back hits the ground. Get right back up. Okay. All right, we got two minutes. I’m going to hold your ankles, interlace your fingers behind your head. Ready? Go. One. All the way up. Two. There you go. Three. 4514. 30 seconds gone. 15. 1621. Don’t lay on the ground. Let’s go. 22. Get up, Austin. 23. Get up, Boston. 24. Come on. 27. Two more. Go. 28. One more. Let’s go.

My core done.

We’ll call it.

I didn’t even think about that. I was fixing my shirt.

28 good ones. What’s the minimum? 50. Yeah. This is the sit ups creep on, people.

This is new for me. I’ve never done one of these. Yeah, never.

Ten minute break, Austin, let’s get ready to run. All right, Austin, next event, you had your break after calisthenics. This is the 1.5 miles run. We’re on a track that’s about 0.3 miles. So we’re going to do five laps on this. We’re shooting for a max time of 1020. Obviously, you want to go faster than that, so go hard, kick some. Let’s freaking do it. You ready to go? Ready. All right, on your marks, get set, go. We got some fast boys doing this run. So, like, I’ve seen dudes do this in, like, below nine minutes easy. So we got some. We got some movers out there. Austin’s a big boy, so we’ll see how he does. 3393-4341 keep it up. Let’s go. One lap to go, Austin. Keep moving out. 743-74-4745 last lap. Let’s go. Everything you got, Austin. Bring it in hard. Let’s go. 949-414-2434 445-464-7947 I lost the tying of my shoes pretty good. 947. Not bad.

That sprint will drain you.

Way to finish strong.

All right, 30 minutes.

30 minutes and then walk starts. Now.

We’ll go to the swims underwater.

Let’s get to that pool.

When I got out of the navy, I was, like, blindsided by a bunch of stuff. You know how it is coming out, having to develop my own schedule, having to pretty kind of reestablish relationships with people and form new relationships with people. It’s completely different. And I gained a little weight last year over the course of October, November, December, January, February, kind of stressing about the conversion out of the Navy and everything. But April, may came around, and I feel like I came back strong. I’m down about 20 pounds now doing these tests, running a lot more. And it’s people like you that comes here and helps me get into the zone and help legitimately train me. So I appreciate you a lot for coming out.

Yeah, anytime. Thanks for having me. It was a pleasure. All right, Austin, next event, we’re doing 225 meters underwater swims. You’re going to shove off from this wall, go subsurface. You’re going to swim until you get to the opposite wall. Touch the wall, freestyle back here. Once you get back here, you have three minutes to rest, and we’re going to do one more after that. Got it.

And I hear that happy thoughts burn less oxygen than bad thoughts.

Absolutely. Think of puppies, rainbows, chocolate, all that good stuff.

You know what I’m going to think about? I’m going to think about you guys hitting the, like, button on this video. That’s my happy song on you’re.

Three minutes rest good job. That’s one piece of cake, right?

Second one is definitely going to be even more challenging, but I know you guys were waiting on it. The mustache girls are gone.

All right, Austin, here we go. Underwater number two. Got about 10 seconds on.


All right, Austin. Good job. You did your two underwaters. You accomplished that. Last event of the PT test is your 500 meters swim. Ten laps, one lap down and back. Get ten minutes to rest and then let’s knock it out. And that’s it. All right, Austin, final event of a PT test, 500 meters swim, breaststroke, side stroke, freestyle stroke, all authorized. I highly recommend the freestyle stroke as much as you can. It’s the fastest one, so down and back is one lap. We’re looking at ten laps.

Got it.

Let’s knock it out. All right. You ready to do it?

Always ready.

On your marks, get set. Go. That’s one. Nine more to go. That’s two. That’s five laps. Halfway there. Come on, push it out. Four laps to go. Let’s go. This is lap eight. So after this, he’s got two to go. Last lap. Last lap. Let’s go. Finish hard. 10 29. 10 30. 10 31. 10 31.

Ate a lot of water, so good.

Good job. Thank you. Did good, man. Way to push it out at the end.

Taking the physical agility and stamina test for the air force. Unofficially, actually, because I’m not trying to go into any branch or this doesn’t qualify me for any branch of the military. If we pass the pull ups, did well on the push ups, did not pass the sit ups. Run was good. 225 meters underwater is good. 500 meters swim good. Overall, I feel all right. And, guys, BK has an incredible podcast. Has, like, impeccable reviews, five stars on everything, 800 something reviews. It’s an incredible podcast. If you want to check it out, I’ll leave a link in the description. Go listen, go. Leave a good review.

That’s it. World news with BK, guys. ITunes, modify. Austin, thanks for having me up here in beautiful Los Angeles.

BK, thank you so much again for coming here and proctoring this test for me, guys, thank you so much for watching. What challenge should I take on next? Let me know in the comments. Down for whatever. Austin Alexander, BK signing out. See you next time.

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