How to Study for and Pass the ASVAB

What’s the best way to study for your AsVAB test and get the job that you want? In this video, I will show you how I studied for my AsVAB test and why it is important to score as high as possible instead of just shooting for the minimum passing score. If you are new to my channel I’m John Cruz. I’ve been serving in the United States Air Force for eight and a half years. The goal of my channel is to help you be successful before, during and after your military career by sharing my tips, tricks and life experiences in the air force on my channel.

I will also teach you how to start a business while in the military, how to get out of debt and improve your finances while in the military, and how to prepare for your transition out of the military and into the business world. Now that you know what my channel is all about, let’s get started.

What is the ASVAB test and why does it matter? ASVAB stands for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude battery test and is designed to test you on eight critical areas through subtests. The ASVAB subtests are general science, arithmetic, reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, mathematics knowledge, electronics information, auto and shop information, and mechanical comprehension. Wow, that was so boring. ASVAB is broken down into several subtests and each qualification area correlates to the types of jobs you are applying for.

This test is designed to determine how qualified you are for certain military jobs and therefore a much higher score will qualify you for a greater number of jobs to choose from. So make sure you check which career fields you are interested in applying for and check what the qualifying scores you need to have before you test so that you can become qualified in the job you want. In the description below, I have linked the military page you can view Air force qualifying scores. If you are a horrible test taker like me and hate studying, I’m going to show you what I did to study so that you can pass the AsRAP test. So make sure you stick around until the end of the video.

It is important to put as much time and effort into preparing for the ASRAP test because retesting policies vary amongst each branch and it might be more time consuming to try to retest compared to passing it the first time. If you do not test high enough on the ASVAB test for the job that you want and the branch that you want to apply for, then you will not be eligible. According to military AsVab retest policy states that you must wait one month to the date you last tested in order to test a second time. If you still do not meet the qualifying scores, you can retest a second time, but you must wait another month before you can test for any additional retest. After testing two times, then you must wait six months.

This is why it is so important you put in the time and effort the first time to qualify. When you finally meet qualification scores, you will then be able apply for the cruise you want with your recruiter how hard was the test for me and how did I study? I took the ASV test back in 2010 to 2011 and only had to test once. It was easy for me because I set up a study schedule and stayed consistent with it and was also required to take several practice tests at the recruiting station before I felt confident enough to take the official test. Before I even took the practice test at the recruiting station, I took several pretests and used study material I bought online and dedicated a minimum of at least 1 hour a day to study.

In the description below, I have linked to the updated course materials I purchased to study for the ASVAB test. In order to study effectively, I made a schedule to focus on one area at a time so that I did not overwhelm myself with information. Studying in the morning right after a workout and in the evening before I went to sleep really helped me retain a lot of the information and it felt a lot easier compared to studying sporadically throughout the day. Of course, this method is not a cookie cutter template for everyone and you might have a different preference on studying, so use whatever studying method is easiest for you. For me, I always had to study in a quiet room with no distractions and had to put my phone away or else I would easily become distracted.

I always listen to ambient music, classical or jazz with no vocals to help me stay focused. Even today I study best right after a morning workout and some coffee. Depending on how high your qualifying scores are for your job and the military branch you want to apply for, it will sort of dictate how much studying you need to put in to prepare. I’m not saying to shoot for the bare minimum, but just know what you need to score to at least qualify. It is better to hit the minimum and qualify than not qualify at all after retest in another month.

Luckily for me, security forces does not have a super high qualification score, so I did not have to study too hard to qualify for the job I wanted. According to military security forces only requires a general score of 33 and to qualify for the Air force you need a score of 36. I found that career fields that are primarily electrical or mechanical oriented tend to be on the higher end spectrum of qualifying scores. I have also listed the link in the description below so that you can view all the Air force jobs and see what their qualifying scores are. I have also found that getting a tutor to help you with basic math and English can drastically help you score higher on these critical areas.

In high school, I absolutely hated math and this was one of the worst subjects I’ve ever encountered. Yes, I will admit I am not good at math. If the job you are wanting requires a high mathematics score or english score, you might want to try to hire a tutor because studying by yourself or even purchasing study material might be more difficult and require more discipline. It is much easier to have a professional tutor trying to teach you instead of you trying to teach yourself. So my study recommendations to you is to buy the updated study material in the link below, set a studying schedule, stay as consistent with the study schedule as much as possible, and hire a professional tutor if needed.

These are my tips on how to study for the ASAP test and I hope that my my video has helped clarify how to study for the ASAP test and why it is important for you to score as high as possible and put in the preparation required so that you do not need to test more than once. If you found my tips helpful, please like this video and comment below what challenges you are currently having with preparing for your ASAP test. As always, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell on the bottom so that you can learn all of my tips, tricks, and life experiences to be successful. If you would like me to make a specific video covering a certain topic, be sure to comment below on what future content you’d like to see. Thank you for watching my video and if you have any further questions, please let me know.


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