Air Force Qualifications: U.S. Air Force: Enlisted Process / Step 01: Basic Requirements

Joining the Air Force gives you extraordinary career opportunities.

It gives you that opportunity to continue your education if you don’t have the means for it. Also, traveling, seeing the world, and just advancing within our wonderful ranks of the Air Force. What inspires somebody to join the United States Air Force is they just want to change. They want to challenge, and education is a big thing where right now, maybe not a lot of people can afford to go to college.

The basic qualifications to enlist. First we go over and evaluate your medical conditions.

Height and weight is a very big deal because the Air Force has standards as far as according to your height, what your weight should be in order to join law violations. If it’s anything other than traffic violations, it’s a case by case situation where we gotta look at what exactly happened. What’s covered in the ASAP practice test is math, reading, word knowledge, arithmetic. As long as they do well in the practice test, then we can start talking to them. As far as scheduling them for the real ASV and taking them to maps. So that 680 form, it’s a request for examination, and that’s what they need to take with them to take the ASV, which is going to count.

One of the more time consuming tasks is filling out your background investigation on a form SF 86. We’ll give you a packet to take home so you can fill in all the information about where you live, where you’ve worked, people who are references, et cetera. With the help of your parents. It’s very important that you fill out the form accurately.

So after the ASVAB, we go over their scores, and we show them in each section how well they did. So that’ll determine what jobs they qualify for. This is just based off of their scores.

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