Do this BEFORE Air Force basic training

So I’ve recently had the opportunity to hang out with a couple of tis. I was just recently tasked to go help out with basic training. So all the individuals who were showing signs or symptoms of Covid-19 I was put on that detail to help those individuals in quarantine, giving them food and stuff like that. But while I was there, I took advantage of the time and asked the tis like, hey, if all your trainees could prepare for one thing and one thing only prior to coming to basic training, that will make their time and your time easier, what would it be? And they all collectively said PT.


So what’s happening is they’re saying people are coming to basic training and they can’t do one push up. And that’s a problem. If you get to basic training and you can’t do one push up, then you’re going to have a hard time graduating basic training. You also have people who are coming there who haven’t worked out in the past, and so now they’re getting injured while they’re in basic training. They’re getting shin splints, they’re getting upper body injuries, leg injuries, back injuries, all kind of different injuries that are prolonging their stay in basic training because they haven’t worked out prior to coming to basic training.


And I know it sucks. I know it sucks to get up and go out and do some pt like nobody wants to do it. As a matter of fact, before I went to basic training, I said this. Before, I kept waiting. I was saying, this week I’m going to start working out.


And then next week came and I say, okay, this week I’m going to start working out. And I just kept saying that. And eventually I was in basic training and I’m trying to tell you guys, when you get to basic training and you haven’t worked out prior to going to basic training, when you start working out, you’re going to get all these pains. You’re going to get pains in your chest, you’re going to get pains in your legs and your arms. You’re going to get pains everywhere because you haven’t worked those pains out prior to going to basic training.


And it sucks when you have those pains. Plus you have to learn how to march, plus you got to learn all this memory work, plus you got a ti yelling at you. It just sucks for you and for your tis to get you guys in the shape that you need to be in order to graduate basic training. So I really want to stress to you how important it is to get your pt right before you go to basic training, and you guys know me, I always try to go the extra mile and show you guys how you can prepare. So we’re going to start with the aim high app.


And if you haven’t downloaded the aim high app already, you need to download that app right now. And once you get that app, you don’t even have to sign up for it. You can just continue without logging in. So go ahead and do that and then continue without logging in. And then if you guys see the little three dashes in the bottom right corner, click on that, you will see the awaiting training option.


Click on that and once you get there, you’re going to see fitness, health and well being. Click on that and then you will see all kind of stuff that can help you for your pt. So first off, let’s start with the PT calculator. This is a really cool calculator because you can input everything and kind of see where you’re at right now before you even go to basic training. If you go back and you click on training, there’s all kinds of workouts that you can do right now to prepare yourself.


And they don’t just start you in the middle of the fire, they kind of build you up. So if you click on it, you’ll see that the first week is kind of easy workouts. And as you go, they progressively get a little tougher to build you up for the condition you need when you get to basic training. And if you click on the physical activity routines, they even tell you how to do the actual exercises. So they tell you how to stretch, how to run.


They show you how to do the push ups in basic training. They also show you how to do the sit ups in basic training. And then you can also see the fitness standards for basic training. And I’ve already made a video about the fitness standards, and I actually got a lot of pushback for that video. There were people telling me that those aren’t the standards they actually hire.


And the reason why this happens is because the tis are telling you guys that the standards are higher because they have to do that so they can push you to the standard you need to be. But you can look right here on the aim high app and see the standards for basic training. The only thing that’s incorrect right now about these standards is the waist measurement. Because of Covid-19 they aren’t doing waist measurements in basic training right now or in the regular air force, there aren’t waist measurements right now. And then if you go to couch to BMT.


This is for all my people who haven’t worked out ever. This is going to tell you how to go from the couch to basic training. So it’s going to tell you how to focus on your feet, focus on food, building a stronger core, all kinds of different things to get you guys in the physical shape that you need to be in order to graduate basic training. So you guys make sure you download this app and start preparing yourself. If you got to the end of this video and you haven’t even seen a recruiter yet, or you haven’t been to maps or taken the asvab, the videos on the screen right now will help you with everything you need to know about that.


Like I always say, stay beautiful, stay classy, and until next time, check me out.


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