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Can’t Log into Air Force Email with CAC – Fix

Morning everyone. Sergeant Pennio has actually sent over some guidance. If your email gets locked and it’s asking you to reset it, it works very well. The other thing is it would be a great way to do a plan B if it doesn’t work. So let’s go ahead and try it.

So I’ve got I be opened and we’re going to open up HTTPs usaf my DPS mill. You will be using your non email cert on this.

I am on my home computer. I’m not connected to Abnet in any way so it’s asking for the cert. Here’s my administration cert. Here’s my two certs. I got my email easily for the CA 51 51.

You’ll probably have something respectively the same as what your email address is, but whatever one is not email of course.

Go ahead and bring this over. We’re my pinizes my email address.

So this is connecting actually to Onedrive. I’m logged in now as myself. You can see Richard Chauver.

I usually click out of this. I haven’t played a whole lot with it as in regards to the desktop and the mobile application that shares. But if you come on over here you can see you have some of the same things you have in desktop anywhere. Click on email and there you go, you got your email. It’s kind of like Owa, but it’s just a different access.

And so far it seems to work a little bit better in regards to quickness of getting logged in and so far it’s been a great.

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