Air Force Officer AFSC List | Careers & Jobs 2024

The United States Air Force Officer AFSC (Air Force Specialty Codes) list is quite similar to the enlisted AFSCs but more focused on leadership, management, and specialized technical expertise.

Below is a comprehensive list of crucial officer AFSC categories:

Table 1: Pilot and Navigational Roles

AFSC CodeJob Title
12XXNavigator/Combat Systems Officer

Table 2: Space, Missile, and Cyber Operations

AFSC CodeJob Title
13XXSpace Operations Officer
17XXCyberspace Operations Officer

Table 3: Intelligence and Surveillance

AFSC CodeJob Title
14NXIntelligence Officer

Table 4: Medical and Health Services

AFSC CodeJob Title
44XXMedical Corps Officer
46XXNurse Corps Officer

Table 5: Support and Logistics

AFSC CodeJob Title
21XXLogistics Readiness Officer
38XXPersonnel Officer

Continuing with the outline of Air Force Officer AFSC categories:

Table 6: Engineering and Maintenance

AFSC CodeJob Title
32EXCivil Engineer Officer
62EXDevelopmental Engineer

Table 7: Special Investigations and Security

AFSC CodeJob Title
71SXSpecial Investigations Officer
31PXSecurity Forces Officer

Table 8: Legal and Chaplain Services

AFSC CodeJob Title
51JXJudge Advocate General (JAG)

Table 9: Financial Management and Contracting

AFSC CodeJob Title
65FXFinancial Management Officer
64PXContracting Officer

Table 10: Public Affairs and Band

AFSC CodeJob Title
35PXPublic Affairs Officer
42SXBand Officer

Table 11: Weather and Environmental Sciences

AFSC CodeJob Title
15WXWeather Officer
43EXBioenvironmental Engineer Officer

Table 12: Operations Support

AFSC CodeJob Title
13BXAir Battle Manager
13MXAirfield Operations Officer

Table 13: Communications and Information Systems

AFSC CodeJob Title
17DXCyberspace Operations Officer
17SXCyber Warfare Operations Officer

Table 14: Education and Training

AFSC CodeJob Title
13DXDevelopmental Engineer
13LXAir Liaison Officer

Table 15: Science and Technology

AFSC CodeJob Title
61AXOperations Research Analyst
61DXPhysicist/Nuclear Engineer

Table 16: Healthcare Professionals

AFSC CodeJob Title
48XXAerospace Medicine Specialist
47XXPhysical Therapist

Table 17: Acquisition and Contracting

AFSC CodeJob Title
63AXAcquisition Manager
64PXContracting Officer

Table 18: Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Operations

AFSC CodeJob Title
18XXRPA Pilot

Table 19: Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Officer

AFSC CodeJob Title
13LXTactical Air Control Party Officer

Table 20: Miscellaneous Officer Roles

AFSC CodeJob Title
92J0Non-rated Officer Aircrew
90G0General Officer


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