Careers: Air Force Jobs List 2024

The list you provided is an extensive compilation of all enlisted Air Force jobs.

Job CodeJob TitleDescription
1A0X1In-Flight RefuelingSpecialists in air refueling operations.
1A1X1Flight EngineerMonitor aircraft systems during flight.
1A2X1Aircraft LoadmasterManage cargo loading, distribution, and safety.
1A3X1Airborne Mission SystemHandle airborne mission systems and communications.
1A6X1Flight AttendantEnsure safety and comfort of passengers.
1A8X1Airborne Cryptologic Language AnalystAnalyze language and communications for intelligence.
1A8X2Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) OperatorOperate ISR systems aboard aircraft.
1A9X1Special Missions AviatorPerform aviation missions in various capacities.
1B4X1Cyber Warfare OperationsEngage in cyber warfare and operations.
1C0X2Aviation Resource ManagementManage aviation resources and personnel.
1C1X1Air Traffic ControlDirect air traffic and maintain flight safety.
1C3X1Command and Control OperationsConduct command and control operations.
1C5X1Command and Control Battle Management OperationsManage battlefield command and control.
1C6X1Space Systems OperationsOperate and manage space systems.
1C7X1Airfield Management SpecialistManage and operate airfields.
1C8X3Radar, Airfield & Weather SystemsOperate and maintain radar and weather systems.

Here’s a summarized table of Air Force jobs beginning with the number “2”:

Job CodeJob TitleDescription
2A0X1Avionics Test Station and ComponentsMaintain avionics test stations.
2A3X3Tactical Aircraft MaintenanceMaintain tactical aircraft.
2A3X4Aircraft Integrated AvionicsHandle integrated avionics on aircraft.
2A3X5Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated AvionicsSpecialize in avionics for advanced fighters.
2A5X1Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft MaintenanceMaintain airlift and special mission aircraft.
2A5X2Helicopter/Tiltrotor Aircraft MaintenanceMaintain helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft.
2A5X3Mobility Air Forces Electronic Warfare SystemsManage electronic warfare systems.
2A5X4Refuel/Bomber Aircraft MaintenanceMaintain refueling and bomber aircraft.
2A6X1Aerospace PropulsionWork on aircraft propulsion systems.
2A6X2Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE)Maintain aerospace ground equipment.
2A6X3Aircrew Egress SystemsManage aircrew egress systems.
2A6X4Aircraft Fuel SystemsMaintain aircraft fuel systems.
2A6X5Aircraft Hydraulic SystemsWork on aircraft hydraulic systems.
2A6X6Aircraft Electrical and Environmental SystemsHandle aircraft electrical and environmental systems.
2A7X1Aircraft Metals TechnologySpecialize in aircraft metals technology.
2A7X2Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)Conduct nondestructive inspections.
2A7X3Aircraft Structural MaintenanceMaintain aircraft structures.
2A7X5Low Observable Aircraft Structural MaintenanceMaintain low observable aircraft structures.
2A9X1Bomber/Special Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission SystemsManage integrated systems in bombers.
2F0X1FuelsHandle fuel operations.

codes you provided:

Job CodeJob TitleCategory
7S0X1Special InvestigationsSpecial Duty Career Fields
8A100Career Assistance AdviserSpecial Duty Career Fields
8A200Enlisted AideSpecial Duty Career Fields
8B000Military Training InstructorSpecial Duty Career Fields
8B100Military Training LeaderSpecial Duty Career Fields
8B200Academy Military Training NCOSpecial Duty Career Fields
8C000Airmen/Family Readiness CenterSpecial Duty Career Fields
8D000Strategic DebrieferSpecial Duty Career Fields
8F000First SergeantSpecial Duty Career Fields
8G000Honor GuardSpecial Duty Career Fields
8H000Airman Dorm LeaderSpecial Duty Career Fields
8M000PostalSpecial Duty Career Fields
8P000CourierSpecial Duty Career Fields
8P100Defense AttachéSpecial Duty Career Fields
8R000Enlisted Accessions RecruiterSpecial Duty Career Fields
8R200Second-Tier RecruiterSpecial Duty Career Fields
8R300Third-Tier RecruiterSpecial Duty Career Fields
8S000Missile Facility ManagerSpecial Duty Career Fields
8T000Professional Military Education InstructorSpecial Duty Career Fields
9A000Awaiting Retraining-Reasons Beyond ControlMiscellaneous AFSC Codes
9A100Awaiting Retraining-Reasons Within ControlMiscellaneous AFSC Codes

This table offers a

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