air force basic training timeline schedule

The Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) is approximately 8.5 weeks long and is structured into a specific timeline with various training segments.

Each week has its own set of objectives and training events. Below is a typical timeline schedule for Air Force BMT:

Here are the activities for Zero Week and Week 1 of Basic Military Training organized into separate tables:

Zero Week Activities:

Zero Week Activities
First-week briefing
Training group/commander/superintendent briefing
Clothing, running shoe and equipment issue
Dorm and drill basics
Coping with BMT
Health, morale and welfare
Immunization and blood draw
Initial Base Exchange (BX) issue
Initial phone call
Physical training
Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
Dorm and basic marching and drill movements

Week 1 Activities:

Week 1 Activities
Reporting and saluting procedures
Entry control procedures
Medical and dental appointments
Fitness and nutrition briefing
Educational benefits briefing
ID card issue
Individual drill
Flight drill
Dorm/recruit living area preparation
Law Of Armed Conflict
Air Force rank insignia recognition
Weapon issue and familiarization
Human relations and cultural sensitivity
Air Force initial PT assessment
Airmen’s Time Commanders arrival briefing
Dress appearance
Physical training
Immunizations introduction to classroom procedures
Military entitlements and educational opportunities
Suicide awareness and prevention
Chapel guide meeting

These tables list the scheduled activities that recruits will go through during Zero Week and the first week of their basic training.

Here are the activities organized into separate tables for Weeks 3, 4, and 5 of Basic Military Training:

Week 3 Activities:

Week 3 Activities
Second clothing issue
Dress and appearance (service uniform)
Interview sessions
3 Week of Training (WOT) PT appraisal
Airmen’s time
Airmen’s time — P2 debriefing
Basic leadership and character
Chapel guide meeting
Cyber awareness
Drill weapons handling and maintenance
Professional airman resilience
What Now Airman — extra duty
Healthy lifestyle and adapting to the Air Force
Physical training
Public relations and the media
Trafficking in persons awareness
Warrior role
Self aid and buddy care

Week 4 Activities:

Week 4 Activities
Airmen’s time
Airmen’s time — flight commander team building “copycat”
Airmen’s time — P2 debriefing
Base liberty briefing
Chapel guide meeting
Drill consequences
Real responsibilities of airman
What Now Airman — big brother
Physical training
Base referral agencies
Career progression and Air Force quality of life
Environmental awareness
Financial readiness
Joint ethics
Military citizenship
Sexually transmitted diseases
Sexual assault prevention and reporting (SAPR)
Recruit living area appraisal
Antiterrorism/force protection level 1

Week 5 Activities:

Week 5 Activities
Airmen’s Time
Airmen’s Time — FC team building “box score”
My role in mission
Warrior ethos
What Now Airman — relationships
Military skills development progress check
Physical training
Weapons progress check
Individual portraits and flight photos
Second boot issue
Recruit living area progress check
Combat stress recovery
Intro to Air Force combatives
Intro to Code of Conduct
Joint operations
Law of armed conflict
Mental preparation for combat
Principles in first aid
Drill progress check

These tables list the scheduled activities that recruits will go through during the third, fourth, and fifth weeks of their basic training

Here are the activities organized into separate tables for Weeks 6, 7, and 8 of Basic Military Training:

Week 6 Activities:

Week 6 Activities
Computer-based training/Air Force portal familiarization
Written test
Physical Training (PT) evaluation
Air and Space Expeditionary Force and pre-deployment briefing
Air Force fitness program
Airmanship core value briefing
Airmen’s time — flight commander team building ‘self assessment’
Airmen’s time hometown news release
Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN) defense
Not everything is gray
Professional competence
What Now Airman — help wanted
Foundational Expeditionary Skills Training (FEST)
Open ranks/D&A 2 PC
Physical training
Chapel guide meeting

Week 7 Activities:

Week 7 Activities
Physical training
Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training (BEAST)/zone orientation
Blood donors
Combat Arms Training and Maintenance (CATM)
Combatives applications
Pugil sticks teaching and application
Creating Leaders, Airmen and Warriors (CLAW) field exercises
Deployment line processing/ equipment issue
SERE 2–5 video
Mission field exercises
Refresher drills (FEST, first aid, UCC, PAR)
Zone teardown/remediation training/equipment turn-in

Week 8 Activities:

Week 8 Activities
Physical training
Airmen’s time
What Now Airman — celebration
Risky business
Orders pickup/tech training school briefing
Commander’s departure briefing
Town pass briefing
Base liberty
Open house
Town pass
Airman’s Run
Airman’s coin and formal retreat ceremony
Airman’s parade

These tables list the scheduled activities that recruits will go through during the sixth, seventh, and eighth weeks of their basic training. ​

The exact schedule can vary based on changes in the training curriculum or specific needs of the Air Force. It’s designed to physically and mentally prepare recruits for life in the Air Force, focusing on discipline, teamwork, and the core values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.

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