how long is us air force basic training? 2024

The Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) is approximately 8.5 weeks long and is structured into a specific timeline with various training segments.

This duration is designed to transition recruits from civilians into Airmen, focusing on physical conditioning, military discipline, Air Force core values, basic warfare principles, and skills.

However, specific durations and structures for training programs, including BMT, can be subject to change based on the needs of the Air Force and evolving training objectives

Here are the Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) activities organized into tables for each week:

Week 0: In-Processing

Arrival and orientation
Clothing and equipment issue
Haircuts and photographs
Medical and dental appointments
Completion of paperwork
Introduction to the UCMJ

Week 1: Fall In

Basic drill and ceremonies
Reporting and saluting procedures
Career guidance and educational benefits
Initial fitness assessment

Week 2: The Big Blue

Air Force history and organization
NBC defense training
Drill and ceremony practice
Physical conditioning

Week 3: Warrior Ethos

Drill and ceremony evaluation
Fitness and nutrition education
Weaponry classes and qualification
First aid and self-aid buddy care

Week 4: The BMT Obstacle Course

Obstacle course
Team building exercises
More in-depth weapons training
Base liberty (limited on-base privileges)

Week 5: BEAST Week

Field training exercise
Combat Arms Training and Maintenance (CATM)
Convoy operations
Defensive fighting positions

Week 6: Tactical Deployment

Computer-based training on the Air Force Portal
Written tests on knowledge gained
Further career counseling
Preparation for final PT test

Week 7: Tech & Career

Airmanship and core values classes
Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training (BEAST)
Leadership and followership skills
Final PT test

Week 8: Graduation Week

Airman’s Run
Coin and retreat ceremony
Town pass
Graduation parade

Week 8.5: Transition

Final administrative details
Transition to technical training or first duty station

This schedule outlines the typical progression of training and activities that recruits undergo during their time at BMT

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