Personnel Specialist (3F0X1)

YouTube got some big news.

So I just got.

I got home from Vegas. Not really home from Vegas. I mean, I guess it is home. I’m at the base, so I got back from Vegas. I came in to the office the next day, and then I got out. I mean, I found out I’m getting deployed. So this is very surprising for me, very different for me. Y’all wish me luck. Wish me safe travel. I know y’all not gonna see this till later. Still wish it anyways, because I still gotta get back from where I’m gonna be deployed. I’m not gonna disclose that right now, but I might disclose it when I get to where I’m supposed to be. But I got two flights today. Shoot. This is the first one out from Rapid City, from where I’m based at. And then I got my second one. It’s going to take me right to where I need to be. Y’all wish me luck. Like I said, this is my first time ever deploying. I’ve been waiting to deploy. It’s been a while. I had two deployments canceled on me, so. Shoot. Just to be able to experience this one. I’m very blessed and very happy about it.

But, yeah, man, just to update you all a little bit on. Let me sit down for a second. I got TSA precheck, so I’ll be heading to there in a little. I got.

Yeah, let me give y’all an update about me. Okay, so I’m doing good. I just came from the crib from home in Illinois, and I also went to Vegas. My little break. This is my first time taking leave, in a sense, because I took leave in tech school, but that was during Exodus. So Exodus allows you to be able to go home and then come back to tech school from. Leave wherever you went. So this is my first time ever taking leave. I never really took that many days off. I probably took one comp day. I really only took, like, one day my whole time being at the base since January. So it’s been good, man. It’s been really good. I’ve been able to meet some really nice people, learn a lot, be able to experience some new things, work my job, be proficient in my job, and be able to even, I guess, work at the next level because my sergeant, he wasn’t there because he was on leave and getting ready for his TDY. But now I have pretty much been able to learn a lot more when I was by myself because it puts you in positions that you have to do stuff even if you don’t want to do it.

I had moments where I didn’t want to do certain things and I would let my sergeant just take care of it, or he had moments where he didn’t want to do things. He let me take care of it. But that’s so I could learn. And while I’m learning, I’m able to gain that experience, gain the experience in touching certain programs that I don’t usually touch, or I do touch a lot, but I don’t ever touch a certain aspect of it, I guess. So that’s what’s been going on with me, and the job has been going well. I’m in reenlistments and promotions along with extensions as well in my section, part of the career development program for personnel. So any personnel, y’all got career development. You all can work in that section. It’s really rewarding. It’s nice. You’ll be able to learn a lot, too, pretty much any section. You’ll be able to learn a lot. Even force management or assignments or IPR, just different things. You’ll be working within the personnel’s world or working in a CSS. So as far as the air Force, I’m very grateful to be able to go on this opportunity.

I’m very blessed to even still be in. Not that I would be out, of course, but I’m very happy to be in. And it’s just working out for me right now. I’m working, I’m learning, and hopefully go ahead and go on this deployment and just knock out what I need to knock out and do it the right way, efficiently and effectively. Other than that, I hope you all doing well. It’s a very short video. I might make up another part as I’m traveling, but, yeah, I hope you all staying blessed. I hope you’re doing well again, I’m at elsewhere Air Force base. If you got any questions, you can go ahead and contact me as people have questions about the base or what’s going on. This, that and the other. I don’t know everything. I don’t know everything. I may not know your section. You got to get in contact with your sponsor, but if you got any questions, you go and hit me up on my YouTube or, of course, at the end of my other videos. Not this one, probably, but on my other videos, there will be my social medias at the end of each video and sometimes in the description box.

So, yeah, if y’all want to follow me on my social medias, go ahead and do that as well. It’s trackstar. Always for my Instagram. It is Jlo on the track. Just that for Twitter and Snapchat. Jlo on the track. That’s it. So, yeah, man, I hope y’all doing well again. And I’m about to go ahead and head out. Head to the this TSA. Peace out.

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