What is the best branch of the military to join?

Why did you decide to join the air force over other branches? I’m really trying to decide whether to join the army or the air force. Why did I join the air force over other branches? Really, the answer comes down to because my mom said to, really? That’s pretty much what it is, is I wanted to join the army, so I wanted to leave right away.

And my mom’s like, no, like, think about it. The air force is better now. This isn’t always true. The air force isn’t always better. And that’s something you’ll see.

The marines, army, Navy, coast guard, air force, they’re all different. My mom knew me, my mom raised me. My mom figured the air force is probably the best branch for you. Now. Tyler, my little brother, which is in the marines, some of you guys might know him from our video in Okinawa.

If you guys want to see an air force versus Marine q a from like three years ago, I’m going to put the link down below. I’m also going to throw it up here. But he wanted to join the marines, and my mom didn’t say a thing to him. My mom was like, yeah, you go join the marines, you be a Marine. Because that’s what my little brother is.

His mentality fits with the marines. My mentality and the way I am does not fit with the marines. I’m a person that likes to question a lot of things. If I think something is stupid or dumb, which in any military branch in general is not, if you are that way, you are going to struggle. Because I struggle every day.

It actually sucks because there’s a lot of stupid stuff that happens. And I like to question it and be like, why are we doing this? Why does this happen? And they don’t like that because it’s like, it’s this way, but nobody thinks of why it’s that way. It’s just like, the rules say so and you’re like, but the rules were like 50, 50 years old, bro.

So that’s a problem I have being in the military in general, but the Marines are a lot more strict. I would definitely not fit in as a marine at all. I would probably get in a lot of trouble if I was a Marine. But my little brother is more of that. Like, ura.

Ura. I want to be super hard Ura and like, cool and Ura awesome and tough Ura. That’s just the way my brother is. I’m not like that at, like, I’m more like techie. Like, my little brother plays video games, but he’s always been like a wrestler and just kind of like more of that grunt kind of person.

And I was always like, on the computer, on the Internet, we’re two completely different people. And my mom did not question him wanting to be in the marines. My mom questioned me wanting to be in the army. And she was like, air Force is probably best for you, but what a boy is down to. If you’re confused on should I join the army or should I join the air force, look at what those two branches have to offer to you.

Yes, you do want to serve your nation, and that is important, but it does come down to what are you going to get out of your experience? Because the military is going to squeeze every ounce of work and mentality and drive out of you that they can. They’re going to get their money’s worth with you. So what are you going to get out of your experience in the military? That’s what matters.

Honestly, it’s not, hey, the air force is better. I would never tell anybody that, and I’m not going to tell anybody that any other branch is better because I think it really depends on you. What do you want out of your experience now? You’re going to get a totally different experience in the army and a totally different experience in the air force. So if those are the two branches you have narrowed it down to, which one suits you best for what you want, not what they want, it comes down to what are you going to get out of this experience.

So, for instance, if you want to work on, say, a fighter aircraft, you’re probably a lot better off joining the air force. If I cook lunch but say you want to work on tanks, then I would say probably the army is going to be your best bet because working on tanks and the air force is probably not going to happen. Those are two just maintenance. Like, maintenance doesn’t make up all of the military either, but those are just two realms of what you could get out of it. That is different.

But really, I would just sit down and go, okay, these are the things I like about the air force, and then write down, these are the things I like about the army now on that list because it’s cool. Should not be one of those things. Don’t do or don’t go. Because their tech school is in Pensacola, Florida. Don’t do that.

My tech school was seriously, like the coolest thing ever. It was in Pensacola, Florida. It was the coolest thing ever. But that was four months of my career. And I will say this, those were probably the best four months of my career after four years.

So that means four months. Awesome. Three years and eight months, not as awesome. Three years and eight months is a lot longer than four months. And if that four months is up here, but this long time period is down here, do you see why picking something off of a short amount of time is a bad idea?

Also, don’t pick a job off of that because that’s pretty much what that summed down to is tech school was super awesome. It was like training, education. I kind of like that stuff, but it was more hands on. It wasn’t like textbook style. It kind of was, but not really.

And I really excel with that stuff. Not the textbook stuff like the hands on stuff, then going and doing the job. It’s not my favorite job and I’ve been doing. I don’t have a choice. And some of you might be like, well, then cross train.

In your contract. If you read your contract, it’s going to say if you sign six years at your 59 month mark, you can cross train. That’s four years and eleven months after I’ve been in the air force. Exactly one year from now, I am allowed to cross train. Only problem with cross training is, for one, I am in a critically manned job right now.

There is a reenlistment bonus. Ods of getting out of this career field, like probably not going to happen. I do believe though, in the army it’s a lot easier to switch career fields. To my knowledge, I’m not for sure about this because I’m obviously not in the army, but just from what I’ve heard from other people kind of talking, it seems like you can kind of apply for different slots and they’re like, oh, totally, we’ll take you. But I’m sure that depends on Manning and everything too.

But again, I don’t know how that works. Any of you guys are expertise on anything that I’ve said in this video comment down below. Let people know so we can get that information out to them. But yeah, really the answer is there’s no better branch. Nobody can tell you, not even me can tell you what you should do with your life or what branch you should join or what college you should go to or what degree you should study for.

Nobody can tell you that. People can tell you that, but they shouldn’t because what you want to do with your life is literally what matters most. I do not care if you join the air force or the army, and I will not push either of those on you because I believe that every person should make that decision for themselves. I believe every person should have the will to decide where their life goes. And when other people push their agendas on you, it takes away from you being able to pick your path in life, because the last thing you want to do is 50 years from now, look back and go, wow, I just did what everyone else wanted me to do, and I didn’t do what I wanted to do with my life.

And there’s some things that I do that people don’t agree with. When I joined the air force, I had a friend tell me I was throwing my life away. She told me I was better than the military, and I’m not doing the military as a full time career. I am doing six years. I kind of wish I would have done four now because it helped me find out what I wanted to do with my life.

Maybe what my friend back then, four or five years ago, maybe what she saw in me, but I didn’t exactly see it yet. And the military has helped me see this. So now I have this other passion and drive in life that I want to pursue, but I can’t do that until I’m out now. So now it’s like a waiting game of, like, TikTok. TikTok, am I done yet?

But maybe this is what she had seen before I joined, and she said that I was better than the military and that I could do something bigger in my life. And I didn’t feel that way at the time, so I didn’t listen to her. I was like, nope, I want to join. And I don’t regret joining, because it has definitely straightened my life out, pointing me in a direction. It’s gotten me here.

I own this house in Las Vegas now. This is all because of the path that I’ve chosen. Not everybody wanted me to be on this path, but I know I can look back, and I can’t blame it on anyone but myself. And that’s what is important, is when you join a military branch, don’t do it because someone else told you to join it because you want to. So at the end of the day, if it sucks or it’s the best thing ever, at least you can look back and go, you know what?

I’m glad I listened myself. Or you can look back and go, you know what? I’m the only one I can blame for this decision, because the last thing that I want in my life is to look back and resent someone else for making me do something that I didn’t want to.

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