SERE School

SEAR, which stands for survival, evasion, resistance, and escape, is A-U-S. Military training program. It teaches survival skills, how to evade capture, escape techniques, and the application of the military code of conduct. The Air Force originally created the program after World War II for personnel at high risk of capture. During the Vietnam War, SeaR training was extended to the other branches as well.

Today, there are multiple levels of sear training. Level C is the most advanced level and trains special operators and air crew, as well as personnel most at risk of capture and exploitation because of their job or rank. Level C training is highly secretive and only those who have gone through it know the details. This level puts trainees through an intense 21 day course of classroom and field instruction on seer skills. Trainees survive in the field while being hunted by an enemy force.

They must evade until they are ultimately captured. After capture, trainees are detained in a mock prison where their ability to resist interrogation and exploitation is tested. The trainees are worn down mentally and physically throughout the training, which is designed to mimic real life situations. Level B trains service members whose jobs create a high risk of capture. The most basic training is level A, which is designed for new service members.

This entry level training covers the code of conduct for service members in hostile environments. SEar training exists to protect Americans abroad, preparing them to return home with honor.

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