Meps Packing List

Hey, babe, you know what’s crazy?


I go to maps tomorrow. Yeah, it’s actually happening finally. Isn’t that crazy?

About time.

Okay, so I’m gonna show you guys what I’m packing. It is really not much at all, which I’m sure that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Initially, was gonna take a big luggage like this, but I watched some videos, and people are like, take a backpack, I’m thinking, because the second day, when you check out of the hotel, I think you have to take everything with you so it’s easier just to carry it with you. So I’m taking this backpack. Let me start right here. This is what I’m wearing tomorrow. Dress shirt, some skinny jeans, and these boots right here, because you do have to have closed toe, and I didn’t want to wear your tennis shoes with skinny jeans. So jeans are allowed. Of course you want to ask your recruiter because it could be different in different areas, but for us, recruiters had to wear jeans. Just no rips or tears or phrase or anything like that. So this is what I’m wearing tomorrow. This clipboard right here. I have all of my legal documents in and a few toiletry items. Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap case for my retainers, hairbrush, straightener, taking some beets, because I have a two and a half hour shuttle ride tomorrow, and my glasses.

I also wear contacts, but you have to take them out. And I just figured taking glasses would be easier than having to carry around contacts. And solution? Of course, we have to have a mask right now. And then for the ladies briefs, because your medical day, you have to go down to your underwear and bra. And we’re also not allowed to wear sports bras. So you have to have a regular bra, like this full coverage bra. That way they can see everything on your back because sports bras cover too much space. And then for that second day, this is what I’m wearing. A pair of jeans. I’m taking my tennis shoes, socks, and then you have to wear a collared shirt or a t shirt, just like a scoop. But, ladies, it can’t be like a Vneck. It just has to be a professional, nice business casual outfit. So this shirt, pretty simple, and I think that is literally all I’m packing. I think this is the lightest I’ve ever packed for anything.

When they say collared shirt, do they mean like a polo or a button up?

It don’t matter. Okay, I’ll give you guys an update after I go and see if there’s anything else that you should take or. This worked out just fine for me. I’m thinking it will, and I don’t really think there’s much else that I need to pack. I think I’m good to go.

But you should subscribe to Airman Vision because that’s where we document all this stuff. And, yeah, it’ll be cool to see McKenna’s journey.

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