How to Join the Air Force

In this video I’m going to give you an overview on what to expect from wanting to join the Air force to shipping out to basic training. Now this is just a guideline, but I have in depth videos on each step of the process so be sure to check the description and check those videos out. Step number one is going to be contacting your local recruiter and setting up an in person appointment. The next thing is going to be taking the ASVAB. This is a test that everything single person wanting to join the military has to take and pass in order to join.

The next step is going to meps for your medical evaluations. Once you pass the ASVAB and meps then you’re going to be in DEP which is the delayed entry program. This is where you have a commitment to the Air force without actually being fully in the Air force yet and you have to check in with your recruiter. So the next step of the process is submitting your job list with your recruiter. During this time in the delayed entry program you are also going to want to start packing for BMT and also preparing for the BMT fitness test.

Next is receiving your job selection and ship date and as the time gets closer you will have a 30 day check in with your recruiter and then you’ll have a 15 day check in and a seven day check in as well. Then the day before you ship out you will go up to the MEPs hotel and then the day of you will go over to MEPs for another round of medical evaluations and once everything is good to go from there they will put you on a plane and send you to San Antonio, Texas for basic training. And those are the steps from wanting to join all the way to shipping out to basic training. Be sure to check out the description for more in depth videos on each of those depth and I’ll see you guys in another video.

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