Facial hair in the Air Force: beards & mustaches

Alright, guys, let’s get into facial hair. If you’ve been watching my videos lately, you might have noticed that a lot of my videos have been based out of the 36 29 three, which is the air force instructions for personnel look and appearance. That includes the way you dress, the way your facial hair is, the way your regular hair is, the way anything you do, even tattoos and piercings are in the 36 29 three. So guess what? This video is going to be in the 36 29 three as well.

Link is going to be in the description below. You guys can look through it. It has piercings, tattoos, dressing regulations, hair regulations, facial hair regulations. That’s for male and female, which I honestly didn’t even know about the 36 29 three until like a year ago. I’d been in for like two years until I started hearing it thrown out here and there.

And for the longest time I just went off of the regulations, off of what he said or she said. I didn’t actually know the rules and that’s something that is very important. As an airman, you should know the rules not only so you can just stay in the guidelines yourself, but in case someone tries to call you out on something and you know for a fact because you read the rule, that you’re not in the wrong. Thankfully for you guys, the facial hair portion is like very, very small and I can actually post it on the screen right now. That is everything to do with facial hair in the air force.

So I know mustaches is the first rule in there, but I’m going to skip ahead and go to beards because it’s super simple. Beards are not authorized in the air force. They’re not at all. Unless you have a medical condition or some reason that you cannot shave. Now, sometimes my face will break out and my red gets really neck.

Now sometimes when I shave, my neck gets really red right here and it’s almost like a rash. And I could technically go to the hospital and get a waiver from my doctor saying, hey, he cannot shave every day because it causes such bad skin irritation. No, I haven’t yet because it’s really not that big of a deal and I just suck it up and deal with it. It’s not like it’s causing anything long term. Like it’s not scarring me or causing a lot of pain during exercises when we have to wear gas masks, that’s when it’s the worst.

But that’s like every few times a year. But I do know people that have gotten shaving waivers, which means you don’t have to shave every day. But you cannot let your facial hair grow out past a quarter inch, like in this area where a beard would be. You can’t grow it out past a quarter inch. Now, that doesn’t mean you can grow it to a quarter inch, and then you have to shave, and then you don’t shave for a week and a half, two weeks, and then you shave after it hits a quarter inch.

That means you can grow it up to a quarter inch if need be. So most people that have shaving waivers shave, like, once every two, three, maybe four days, so that way they’re not tearing up their face every day. It’s like once every four days. And sometimes, especially for me, if I let my hair grow out, it doesn’t irritate me as much when I shave. When we have four day weekends, I’ll grow my facial hair out, and then I shave.

And it feels so good to shave on Monday, but then when I shave on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, it irritates my face because I’m shaving every day. And you can get a shaving waiver while you’re in BMT, but you better make sure that it is 100% believable that you need a shaving waiver. So, pretty much, beards aren’t allowed in the air force unless there’s some reason that your face gets so mangled and messed up from you shaving that you can’t shave every day. And also, while you have a shaving waiver, you cannot sculpt your beard. Some people might think, like, oh, if I grow my facial hair out, like, I’ll clean it up and I’ll edge up the lines.

You’re not allowed to do that. That is specifically against the rules on beards. So say goodbye to your chin straps and your goatees and whatever else you did with your facial hair before you joined the air Force, because once you’re in, you can only grow it out if you have a waiver. And if you grow it out with a waiver, you can’t trim it and keep it all nice looking. You actually have to shave it completely off, let it grow out, and then shave it all off again.

Cannot sculpt your beard at all, which sucks, because I used to do that all the time before I joined the air force. I don’t want to wrap this one up super quick. Mustaches are very, very simple. This line right here, direct vertical line at the edge of my mouth. Well, if you draw a vertical line at the edge of my mouth, my mustache can’t go past my fingers.

That’s pretty much the only rule other than there’s another rule. So there’s two rules. Can’t go below the lip line right here. So you can’t have this super long mustache. Like, this sucks for you if you’re in.

And if you like facial hair, you can kiss that goodbye. I cannot wait till the day that I don’t have to shave anymore because I absolutely loved having a beard and facial hair and it was awesome. And now I can’t have that anymore. So I’m just ready to grow this bad boy back out. This bad boy.

This thing right here. I’m going to have, like, a manly beard one day. McKenna’s going to hate it. It’s going to be huge. I want that huge, wilder beast, manly, lumberjack, just gritty beard going on.

It’s gonna be awesome. Also, click subscribe. That would really help me out and I really appreciate it. And give this video a thumbs up if you appreciate what I do here on YouTube. Other than that, check out my other videos, guys.

I appreciate you guys watching. And until next time, peace.

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