The easiest way that I have found to explain what we deal with is EOD and all four services is we are able to build and dismantle everything from a pipe bomb to a nuclear weapon and everything in between. There’s ten missionaries that we have in Air Force EOD, and over the last 14 years, we have been very laser focused on the id arena, and rightfully so. The it. The transition we have with that, going from that laser focus to what we’re now, is the additional nine areas. The range mission that we have, we’re going back into that, where over the last ten years, we’ve had some contractor support to assist us because our airmen have been downranged at any given time, we had over a third of our personnel deployed in the country.

We also working back with getting our folks out on the flight line, getting with the jets, especially the onset of our new aircraft platforms that we have with the. Those are an area that we need to be very proficient in, because we are first and foremost airmen, and we are here for that Runway.

We have a huge secret service footprint that we are supporting with the incumnant. So we supply countless man hours to support those all over the world. 14 years ago, our robotic platforms were significantly different, and we had many of our airmen using a cargo strap, tying it to their back of their ruck, and attaching it to about 100 pound robot, maybe 110 pounds, and dragging it around. Now we have a robotics platform that is more advanced, has more capabilities, and weighs roughly 25 pounds, and you can put it in your rucksack and walk. As our enemy continues to develop with technology to use against us, we will continually use our technologies to develop a better way to take care of the threat that we have faced.

No matter where it is at. These young airmen, they have a yearning to come and do something bigger than themselves and give back, because every time they pull homemade explosives off the battlefield, every time they disarm an IED, every time they safely remove, move some range debris from a range someplace, or provide secret service protection, they’re saving countless lives. I think it takes a much higher calling nowadays to willingly get into something where, you know, you could potentially provide the ultimate sacrifice.


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