Big Enlistment Bonuses For The Air Force

The Air Force is giving more bonuses. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Alright, so I’m gonna talk about my favorite one first. So the Air Force is given a quick ship bonus of $8,000. Quick ship bonus of $8,000. That means if you tell your recruiter that you want a quick ship, they can put you on a quick ship list. And when the job comes available, you can potentially get an $8000 bonus for shipping. I made a whole video on how to quick ship. I put it on the screen. You can watch it so you can get some more details on that. But the quick ship bonus is available for anybody and for any AFSC. It’s dope. You all need to take advantage of that one. Now, I want to talk about some of the biggest bonuses that they’re giving for the enlistment bonuses. So special warfare, of course they’re giving some really big bonuses. They’re given $50,000 for an enlistment bonus when you join in a special warfare career. And that also applies to EOD. I know that ain’t the bottom. So EOD and special warfare, like your combat controllers, your PJs, your tag P, your special reconnaissance, those guys are getting $50,000 for an enlistment bonus when they join.

Take advantage, and then you have your sear enlistment bonus. They give them $40,000 for Sear. That’s survival egress, reconnaissance. I don’t know the last one. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. Anyway, they give him $40,000 for you to join Sear. So take advantage of it if you’re interested. All right, so the next one is for all my brain, what’s going on in your brain right now? Brain. Brain. You got a good asvab, a 72 on the AsVab, and you got a good dlab score. And you want to practice a language. They’re giving $20,000 to airborne linguists. Basically means you’re a linguist in the air, you’re very smart. And then they’re also giving $18,000 bonuses to cryptolinguists. Basically means you’re on the ground practicing language. Tango, elgato los panolones. So if you got a good asvab, good dlab, take advantage of that. Oh, I forgot to mention, you can’t get those bonuses for the special warfare career fields. And you can’t get those linguist bonuses unless you do a six year year contract for the quick ship. You can do a four or a six year contract to get that $8,000 but for the other ones, you got to do a six year.

The next one is for people who have some type of background in computers.

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We’re giving bonuses anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000, and that’s depending on your highest certification level. So, like, if you have, like your CISP, whatever, however you pronounce that if you have your a plus, things like that, that’s going to determine how much you get paid for your bonus. And I got the different rules on the screen right now, so you can screen through those. And once again, those are for six year contracts. Then there’s some maintenance jobs which are giving out bonuses as well. You have radio frequency transmission systems. You have refuel and bomber aircraft maintenance. You have aerospace ground equipment, munition systems, and any mechanical aptitude area. Basically meaning if you go to basic training with an open mechanical contract, if you do a six year contract, you can get $6,000. And if you do a four year contract, you can get $3,000 for any one of those mechanical career fields. So how does the bonus work, you ask? So you don’t just get the bonus when you join, you first have to complete whatever technical training school you have to go to. You have to complete that, and then you have to file for it 30 days.

Within 30 days, when you get to your base, you basically go to finance and you say, hey, I want my bonus. And then it’ll take probably anywhere from about 60 to 90 days before you get that money. But you’re going to get it all in a lump sum. So you need to contact your recruiter right now and try to figure out which one of those bonuses you’re going to take advantage of. I also have a video where I talk about the new pay raises for 2022. So if you’re interested in learning more about that, the video is on the screen right now. Like always say, stay beautiful, stay classy, until next time. Check me out.

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