Top 5 Jobs in the Air Force | Best MOS

So what are the top five Air force jobs? I have been asked this question a lot. So today I’m going to be sharing with you my opinion on top five Air Force jobs are. Now, before we get into those jobs, I want to mention the sponsor of today’s video, which is sandbox. If you have not heard about sandbox, you definitely need to check them out, especially if you are getting ready to go to BMT.


They simplify sending and receiving mail while you’re there and it makes things so much easier. But matter what part of your military career you’re in, they help you and your friends and family navigate your military career. So be sure to check them out. For more information, go to sandbox us number five pick. And that is paralegal.


Paralegal is basically an attorney in the air force. They help provide legal services to airmen. Number four is going to be public affairs. It is photojournalism and broadcast journalism. They used to be two separate jobs and they combine them into one to make public affairs.


If you are someone who is outgoing, you like to talk a lot, you like to write, you like to take photos, any of those things. It kind of combines all of those aspects of it. Number three is going to be personnel. Personnel is a desk job and it is comparable to human resources. And I am someone who likes to sit at a desk and work on a computer.


So this job sounded like it was right up my alley. Number two is going to be administration, which is pretty similar to personnel, but in the area that you’re at, they assist the directors and leaders. Number one, air Force job is going to be diagnostic imaging. Obviously, these jobs are going to be subjective to each person. So these are things that you can look into. Whenever you look at all the air Force jobs, read through the descriptions of each job and you can rate them one to ten. So then you can kind of figure out what jobs you like, what jobs you don’t like. Let me know down below what top five jobs would be. I would love to hear from you because we all have different opinions, but be sure to subscribe and I will see you in another video.


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