Air Force tech school phases

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Alright, so basically the tech school phase structure is designed to give you a little bit more freedom as time goes on because you just left BMT where they constantly told you what to do and how to do it. And now you find reach tech school. If you are at a longer tech school like I am, you most likely will reach every single phase while you are there. But if your tech school is only one or two months long, you will probably not reach a higher phase and you will just stay at phase one or phase two until you graduate and go off to your main duty station. So, for instance, my tech school has three phases.


I’m currently in phase two and how it works is pretty much on a time basis. Room inspections and open ranks. I’m going to go through phase one, phase two and phase three and what exactly it means and how to get there. All right, so once you hit tech school, you immediately start off in phase one. And phase one is honestly the suckiest of all the phases and the worst time you’re going to have at tech school.


In phase one, you’re not allowed to wear regular clothes unless you are in your dorm room. You have to go everywhere outside of your room in either your OCP uniform or in PT gear. Also, there’s no drinking allowed, no smoking allowed. And if you want to see family, you can’t because you’re not allowed to leave base. And the only way to go about that is if your family member has a military id.


They could come on base and you could go out in your uniform and talk to them and meet them. So once you come from BMT, this is the way of slowly giving you your freedom back and going off to a regular life. So while you are in phase one, you’re not allowed to drive or ride in a car. If one of your friends have a car, you’re not even allowed to go in it for at least 30 days. So phase one only lasts 30 days.


And in order to complete it, you have to complete two successful room inspections and two successful open ranks. Open ranks is pretty much just a uniform inspection. You go out every other week in your blues, and then every other week you go out in your ocps and they check it once that 30 days is completed and you have successfully marked off two room inspections and two open ranks, you will promote up to phase two. Also, every single phase usually has a curfew. In phase one, the curfew is 10:00 p.m.


So by 10:00 p.m. You have to be inside your room. You cannot be outside of it, or else you’ll most likely get in trouble if you are caught breaking curfew. All right, so once you officially promote from phase one to phase two, now all the rules change. You get to finally go outside of your room in normal clothes and don’t always have to be in your uniform or PT gear, which is a huge relief because it honestly sucks wearing that all the time.


You also now get to smoke or drink as long as you are of legal age. You get to ride or drive in your friend’s car if they got a car. And that means you finally get to leave base and go explore wherever you are stationed at for tech school. So also your curfew time will change from 10:00 p.m. To 12:00 a.m.


So now you get to stay out a little bit longer and hang out with your friends. Another big perk about being phase two and not phase one is you only have to do a uniform check or open ranks once a month before you had to do it every week. So that was a big burden on a lot of people’s lives. You always have to go out at 430 in the morning and do an open ranks inspection. And there also is less room inspections once you hit phase two because in phase one, they’re coming in here every week or two, checking your room.


And now in phase two, they’re only in here about once a month. Also, now that you are phase two, if your family wants to see you or fly up or drive up, you can get approved to stay in a hotel for the night and stay with your family, wife, kids, whatever you have. So that is one perk about being phase two and not phase one. Right now, I am currently phase two. I’m probably going to phase up to phase three any day now because I’ve already been at tech school for three months.


So we’ll see about how that goes. All right, so once you’ve successfully been phase two for a full 90 days, they will promote you up to phase three. In phase three, a lot of things change, but a lot of things also stay the same. In phase three, you’ll obviously be allowed to still smoke, drink as long as you are legal age, you can go in your friend’s car, have your own car, drive off base and hang out. But the number one things that change is now you get moved out of the phase one and phase two dorms over into phase three.


And when you hit the phase three dorms, it’s pretty much a lot more freedom because now you do not have a roommate anymore and you are your own room and have all of your own stuff in your room. And they also change the open ranks, which is your uniform inspection, to once a quarter instead of once a month. And also you don’t have any room inspections every month. It’s only once a quarter for that as well. And the number one thing that changes is you will no longer have a curfew.


You will just be required to be back on base within 8 hours of your class starting. So pretty much you could go off base all weekend long, stay in hotels, go see whoever you want to see, and pretty much do whatever you have to do as long as you have approval from your mtls. And that should be no problem because you are phase three. So those are the major changes of the phases. And phase one, in order to complete that, you just need two open ranks inspections, two room inspections, and 30 days.


In order to complete phase two, you need to be in phase two for a full 90 days. And that’s about it. And then in phase three is the highest phase you will ever get to before leaving. And it’s pretty much similar to being in the operational air force. And they get you more into the mode of being operational because usually when you are in phase three, you are more than likely about to head out.


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