Air Force Symbol & Logo

You. Hello, members of the 140 7th Attack Wing, command and control section. Next week’s training meeting is about symbols, particularly the United States Air Force symbol. Symbols represent a link between concepts or ideas. All of you have seen the United States Air Force symbol many times, but do you know the meaning behind the Air Force symbol?

First, I’m going to explain the meaning behind the symbol. Then I will give you the opportunity to create a unique symbol that represents the same concepts and ideas behind the air Force symbol. The air Force symbol as pictured in the airman handbook. We notice the symbol is broken into two halves. First, look at the upper half of the symbol.

The top half consists of the wings to the left and right of the star. On the upper half, the wings represent the enlisted men and women of the US Air Force. Each side is divided into three parts. Each part represents the mission of the US Air Force air and space superiority, information superiority, global attack, rapid global mobility, precision engagement, and agile combat support. Next, look at the lower half.

You will see a star, circle and three diamonds. The star represents our officer corps and the focal point of air and space forces. The five points of the star depict the members of our air Force family, active duty personnel, guard personnel, reserve personnel, civilians, and retirees. The circle in the star represents the globe and reminds us of our obligation to secure our nation’s freedom with global vigilance, reach and power. Remember that the airman’s creed states that we are guardians of freedom and justice.

The three diamonds that frame the star from below represent our three core values. Integrity, first, service before self and excellence in all we do. Finally, if you look at the symbol as a whole, the emblem forms two images. The first image represents an eagle. The eagle is the emblem of our nation.

The second image depicts a medal which represents valor in service to our country. Now that you know the meaning behind the Air Force symbol, your assignment is to design a unique symbol representing your values and beliefs as they relate to your military career thus far. Try to focus on your role as airmen in the US Air Force. You will have 3 hours to create and discuss your symbols during next month’s training meeting. Feel free to work in groups and share your ideas with other members.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s final product. Be creative and use any materials and resources at your disposal. Thank you.

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