Air Force Recruiting Process Explained Under 4 Minutes

Alright, so the first thing you need to do if you’re thinking about joining active duty Air Force is actually reach out to a recruiter. There’s multiple ways you can find a recruiter. You can go to Air Force, you can google the recruiter, or you can just show up to their office. However you do it, you need to talk with the recruiter first and let them know that you’re interested. They’re going to ask you a set of pre qualification questions to ensure that you’re qualified to join the Air Force so they don’t waste your time. If everything checks out with your pre qualification, then they’re going to set up an initial appointment. This initial appointment is designed to determine if the Air Force overall is a good fit for both you and for the Air Force. You can expect to bring a Social Security card, your driver’s license, your birth certificate, a high school diploma, and any other documents your recruiter recommends. You can also expect to take a practice ASVAB and this is done so that both you and a recruiter know what potential jobs you qualify for. If everything checks out, you have a good prequalification, a good practice ASVAB score, and it seems like an overall good fit.


Then you can expect the recruiter to give you an application. This application is similar to any civilian application. It’s just a little bit more in depth and they’re expecting you to bring this application back on the next visit. The next visit can vary from recruiter station to recruiter station, but most likely you can expect the next visit to be a real ASVAP appointment. If you get a qualifying score on your ASVAB, you can expect your next appointment to be your meps processing physical. If you’ve ever placed forces physical is very similar to that. They’re just going to look your entire body over and ensure that you are within physical standards to join the air force. You can also expect to take a urinalysis and start a background check on the day of your processing. After you complete your meps process, you can expect to swear into the delayed entry program. The delayed entry program is the next part of your process and that’s where you’re waiting for the Air Force to find you a job so you can ship off the basic training. While in the delayed entry program, you have to maintain your physical standards.


This means the same person you were when you went to meps. You have to be that same person when you ship off. So any potential changes that happen to you while in a delayed entry program, you have to inform your recruiter about. You can also expect to do monthly depth calls. This is when everyone and your recruiter’s responsibility y’all all come together to check in and ensure that nothing has changed and also prepare you for base training. When you finally get a job, your recruiter is going to inform you which job you got and when you’re going to be leaving to basic training. As you get closer to your database of training, you can expect to start seeing your recruiter more often. This is so they can ensure you don’t have any problems when your ship date arrives. When ship date finally arrives, you can expect the Air Force to fly you into basic training, which is in Lacklain Air Force Base and San Antonio, Texas.


This is Air Force boot camp.


Air Force basic training is only seven and a half weeks and it’s designed to give you a smooth transition from civilian life to becoming an airman. At the end of it all, you can have your family come to your graduation and share that experience together before the Air Force sends you off to your technical training school. Your technical training school is where you get that specialized training for your specific career. These schools can last anywhere from five to 54 weeks, just depending on the job. During technical training, you’re going to find out which due to location you got upon graduation, the Air Force is going to move you to that doodle location and that’s where you’re going to perform your job day to day.


If you haven’t gone to maps yet and you’re wondering what happens, you can click on the video on the screen to find out how to get through maps. Like I always say, I hope this video brought value to you. Stay beautiful, stay classy, and until next time, check me out. Bye.


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