Air Force OPR Bullets Examples

Hey, captain, do you have a minute?

Of course, sir. What can I do for you?

I’d like to give you some feedback on the OPR that you wrote on your lieutenant.


You have a strong product here, and I can see that he has done some great things in the last year. However, there are some formatting corrections that you need to make.

What sort of formatting corrections? His push line is in the correct place, and there are only three white spaces on the entire document. All of the acronyms that I used were from the headquarters approved acronym list, even though that list does not include anything from our career field.

This is true, and you have done a fine job with what you have, but it is very important that you fill those white spaces. Also, you used more commas than periods. The number of periods must exceed the number of commas, or it could hurt his chances for promotion later in his career, sir. Furthermore, you have excessive use of the letter e, which does not bode well for your lieutenant. Did you intend to give him a referral or pr? You will need an MFR documenting the reasons why you have used the letter e so many times.

No, sir.

I also recommend that you review bullet six, because the action verb has seven letters, but it is in line six. The number of letters in the action verb should equate to the line number.

Is it even possible to accurately communicate anyone’s actual performance using such arbitrary and restrictive formatting rules?

You should ensure that the square root of the number of days of service is equal to or less than the product of the date of rank times the highest stratification.

What does that even mean?

A good OPR will include at least three references to the day of the week of the closeout date, but not as a direct reference.

I am afraid you have consumed too much blue koolaid.

One last thing. You have mixed the use of greek and latin root words. Either is permissible on an OPR, but it must be consistent throughout the report.

You have got to be faced fucking me.

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