Air Force BOOT cAMP

Air Force BMT is eight weeks long and is located at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. At BMT, your drill instructor is officially called a military training instructor, or MTI for short.

These will be your friends for the next eight weeks. BMT kicks off with zero week, which is a week of in processing and settling into BMT. You’ll get your gear, issue, haircuts, immunizations, and all that fun stuff that happens in the first week of any military basic training. After zero week, things kick off and you’ll no longer be wearing your civies. You’ll do a PFT, which is a minute of pushups, situps, and a mile and a half run. You’ll have to pass one of these by the end of BMT. Throughout training, you’ll receive instruction on m 16, familiarization, Seaburn, or you’ll go through the gas chamber, and if you’re still with us right now, you’re pretty much going to get gassed in every branch. You’ll also go through field expeditionary skills training, be taught basic combatives as well as engaging in pugle stick battles, and then have to go through Beast, which is the final, culminating test of BMT. Beast stands for basic expeditionary airmen skills training, which is a week long endeavor where you’ll be put through various exercises and tests from identifying ieds, leadership tactics, rescuing dummies, neutralizing targets, and other cool stuff. Once you make it through beast, you get some classroom time and learn all about military life. You’ll take your final PFT, which you should hopefully pass, and then complete the airmen’s run, graduate, and be on your way to your follow on training.

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