air force beard regulation & policy

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And today I’m giving y’all what y’all been asking for. All in the comments and shit.

Y’all been just stay questioning, asking this question.

How do you keep your beard in the air force? How do you have this beautiful beard.

In the air force? And I’m gonna be answering that today.

So let’s get right into it.

So first, it’s not no secret, but.

For those of you that don’t know, if you receive shaving bumps, constantly receive shaving bumps as you are shaving with a razor, because you are supposed to shave in the air force, and it.

Is supposed to be with a razor.

That means bald, that means skin, right?


But you are receiving these shaving bumps. You go to the doctor and the doctor gives you a waiver. It is called a shaving waiver. Now, that doesn’t exclude you from shaving at all. You still have to use this.

You see that guy right there?

Yeah. You have to use one of these and you trim it down and you can’t exceed one four inch.


You can’t exceed one four inch in length. So your beard can’t grow out to be like this huge, massive viking beard. You know what I’m saying? You have to still trim it. You’re not going to shave it all the way down, but you still have to trim it. With that being said, you can still line it up. It has to be neat and clean and professional because this is a professional work environment.

So we have to look at professional.

And I’m going to give you the regulation as you see it right here.


Yes. 36 29 three.

That will be your lifesaver throughout your.

Air force career with anyone that has.

To question you about your luscious beard or hair.

I’m going to go ahead and tell you all about the mustache. Also, you can’t have a mustache, and.

You do not need a waiver for a mustache.


You do not need a waiver. You can’t have a mustache in the air force. And all you have to do is you can’t pass right here and you can’t pass right there on both sides. So it can extend your lip. Both sides.

You see that?

See how mine is like, literally not passing.

Not passing.

It got to be like that. So for those of y’all questioning, like, how is this guy in the air Force? How is he making these videos with that beautiful hair and that beautiful beard. There’s your answer. I am in the air force and I have a beard and it’s because I get shaving bumps.

That’s really it.

You’re allowed to have it if you’re medically cleared or medically diagnosed with shaving.

Bumps and you have that waiver.

Y’all like it.

Y’all can read through it. Can’t exceed one fourth inch.

Got to be clean and professional.

You know what I’m saying? Hey, y’all got any more questions about the air force, go ahead and comment below.

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I hope this video was helpful.

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About how to keep your beard in the air force. Peace.

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