AFQT Scores

The AFQT score is a specific part of the ASVAB that measures basic math and verbal skills and is represented as a percentile ranging from 1 to 99.

The Air Force calculates the AFQT score from four subtests of the ASVAB: 

  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
  • Word Knowledge (WK)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)

What is a good AFQT score?

A “good” Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score varies depending on the military branch you’re interested in joining and your career goals within the military. 

The minimum AFQT score requirements for each branch of the military are as follows:

  • Army: 31
  • Navy: 35
  • Marines: 32
  • Air Force: 36
  • Coast Guard: 40

These scores are the minimum required for enlistment, assuming you meet all other enlistment criteria.

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