Zojirushi Coffee Maker Reviews


Zutto 5-Cup Coffeemaker & Zojirushi Fresh Brew Reviews

Zojirushi coffee maker products earn consistently high marks from consumers and product testers alike.


Zojirushi is a company best-known for its world-class bread machines, offers a 5-cup drip coffee machine as well as a thermal carafe coffee maker. Both models were reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, and both stood out from the competition, thanks to their lightning fast brewing process and convenient design.

Zojirushi machines also make the drink stay warm longer, and the last cup taste just as fresh as the first one. Each model cost under $100 and you can find lowest prices with free shipping in the US, making them affordable alternatives to competing brands of similar quality.

Zojirushi 5 Cup Coffee Maker


Zojirushi’s Zutto ED-DAC50 5-Cup coffee maker was engineered from the outside in. Its sleek, minimalist appearance is the result of collaboration between Zojirushi and an interior decorator in Japan.

With no extraneous features, the Zutto 5-Cup coffeemaker by Zojirushi focuses on what it does best: brewing hot coffee fast. It is a good choice for coffee drinkers who don’t need lots of features or a large brewing capacity. The Zutto retails for about $75.

Consumers laud the Zutto 5-Cup Coffee Maker for its removable water filter, built-in charcoal water filter, and easy-to-read water level indicator. They also applaud the unit’s design quality. These Zojirushi coffee servers are easy to fill and feature a cone-shaped filter space built into the pot for easy cleaning.

Zojirushi Fresh Brew Carafe Coffee Maker


The Zojirushi EC-BD15 machine has a 10-cup capacity and a vacuum-insulated carafe that keeps coffee hot. Customers love this model because it keeps their coffee warm without causing it to taste burnt or bitter. The Fresh Brew Carafe Coffee Maker has all the popular features of high-quality coffee machines, including flow interruption for users who want to grab a cup of coffee before the 1.5 liter pot has finished brewing. The Fresh Brew costs around $90.

Experts praise Zojirushi coffee makers for their graceful appearance and ease of use. When the Wall Street Journal tested the Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe machine (5/19/2006), it was found to keep the coffee hotter than any of its competitors. It also received high marks for usability, thanks to its auto-shutoff and pause functions. The simple unit is stylish and easy to clean.

Minor Flaws in Design

Users rarely complain about Zojirushi coffee makers, but when they do, they typically reference design flaws.

Some consumers find that the lightweight units slide around on the countertop when used. Others complain of pots that leak when pouring, particularly on the Zutto model.

The Zutto’s no-frills design also precludes an auto-shutoff feature, and some owners have reported difficulty seeing the power light due to its placement.


Do you want the coffee to arrive hot, fast, and fresh-tasting? If so, the Zojirushi coffee maker is a respectable choice.

The Zutto 5-Cup brewing machine is best for coffee lovers who want a good hot beverage kitchen appliance without too many bells and whistles.

Multi-drinker households would be better off choosing the Zojirushi Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe model for its functionality and generous 1.5 liter capacity.

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