Zip Up Bedding Review


Zip up bedding is a blanket and sheet set that works exactly like a sleeping bag. This bed is good for moms with small kids. This type of bedding is quick and fun. Kids can make their beds effortlessly just by pulling the zip up. Additionally, this zip up bag can glow in the dark. This bedding has side pockets for storing stuff, which is also reversible.

Zip up bedding was invented by Jennifer Mac Donalds. She came up with this idea when she saw her kids sleeping in sleeping bags. Every set of this bed is interchangeable. It comes in different styles, such as fantasy forest, outer space, sports, sweet stuff, wild animals, and rocker princess. Zip up bedding is ideal for murphy beds, air mattresses, and bunk beds. This bedding has a fun and interactive concept. It helps you avoid ill-fitted sheets, which may otherwise cause sleepless nights.

Dimensions and construction

The dimensions of this Zip-up bed are 17 x 16 x 6 inches. The weight of this bed is 2.75 pounds.  The Zip Up bed is a great combination of a comforter and a fitted sheet. The comforter connects the sheet on both the sides of the bed. This helps in the easy putting-on and removal of the mattress. The sheets of this bedding are extremely smooth and soft. The sheets are reversible and there are two different designs on both the sides.  The bottom of this bedding is very sturdy. 

How does this bedding work?

Zip up bedding has a fitted sheet and a comforter zipper in one pack. This pack is available in two different colors, six patterns, and two sizes, namely twin and full sizes. It is very hard to make bunk, trundle beds and air mattresses, but this bedding can be made very easily.

According to the manufacturer of this bedding, this zip up bedding is radical, interactive, and sure to excite the user. It is very soft and durable. This bedding glows whenever you turn off the lights. The side pockets of this bed can be used for keeping small things like cell phones.

The sheet of this zip up bed can be washed simply by taking it off from the bed. It can be washed and re-fitted as one unit. This bedding should be washed only with cold water and dried at a moderate temperature in order to preserve its glowing feature.

If the sheet is being washed separately, then  it can be washed in cold, warm, or normal water. As this bed is already made, you don’t need to put in extra efforts for fitting sheets, pillows, or blankets in it. This bedding is not just nice and neat but safely tucks in your child. Zip up bedding has a fitted sheet and zip up comforter. The bedding comes with a matching zippered pillowcase.

Shipping and returns

Once you place an order for a zip up bedding, you will get a trial for 30 nights. If you do not like this bedding, then you can return it and can get a refund after the deduction of the shipping charges.

How to use Zip up bedding?

Select the pattern that you like, then fit the sheets into it and zip them up together. Don’t forget to put the pillow in the pillowcase and then zip it. Open the zipper of the fitted sheet and the comforter when you want to get out of the bed. Zip it back when you are inside.

Put all the important items in the side pockets of the bed that you want to keep next to you, such as a torch, mobile phone, etc. Whenever you want to wash the bedding, you can strip the sheet off and the comforter from the bed, unzip it, and then put it in the washing machine.

Advantages of using the Zip up bedding

  • Helps in speeding up the washing and bed making process
  • Transportable
  • Durable fabric
  • Soft
  • Has side pockets to keep small items beside you
  • Available in two different sizes and colors
  • Every set comes with a pillowcase
  • Bedding glows in the dark

Disadvantages of the zip up bedding

  • The color fades out over time
  • The zippers don’t stay in place
  • The zips don’t work properly sometimes

Customer reviews

The minor complaints about this product are related to its color fading out and its zippers not working properly. Some of the customers have mentioned that its sheets are very thin. The comforter is very light weight and thin.

On the other hand, customers have also said that the bed has a decent quality. This bed is very easy to keep and is very neat.  Some of the people have mentioned that the quality of the fabric is amazing but it is not soft enough.  They have said that these beds are easy to wash.

Comparison of the Zip up bedding with standard bedding

The Zip up bedding is very easy to use as compared to standard bedding. You can carry it along with you for a vacation and you can also wash it in a single piece. You can get easy access to important things by keeping it in zipper pockets of the zip up bedding. There is no such feature in standards beds.

The zip up bed can serve as a sleeping bag if you go for camping trips. Zip up bedding is more fun and attractive as compared to standard beds. This bedding is available in different designs and colors. In addition, this bed glows in a dark room. All these features are not there in standard beddings.

Why should one purchase a zip up bed?

We are living in a fast-paced world. Anything that saves your time is worth buying. This zip up bedding can save your time that you take in setting up the sheets and pillows. Making this bed is very easy. This bedding can also be washed. This bedding has a very vibrant and attractive look. These are a few reasons why one should buy the zip up bedding.

The bottom line

 To conclude everything, zip up bedding is great bedding for kids as they can enjoy many of the amazing features of this product. This bedding is also good for young adults. It is a convenient option for college students who live in a dorm room. They can open the zips of the bed before attending their morning class and can also zip themselves in it during long hours of studying.

Zip up bedding has an ingenious design. This product is mostly favored by kids. All in all, this bed is a great bed as it has a thick comforter and a unique design.


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