Yukon Fitness Ab Crunch Machine Review


No one can ever deny that this is not cheap machine for an ab workout. One thing is for sure is the comfort one can have in doing crunches to tone the abs by using this machine. But with its complexity, this is something not worth of the price for a well chiseled abs. Let’s admit the fact that crunches alone cannot guarantee six ripped set of abdominals, one must also monitor the diet as well as the type workout (cardio and muscle building exercises). Unless you have extra cash and you’re planning to put it in your small gym at your home as part of your workout equipment collection, still this machine requires more plates as you progress and will form part of your additional expenses for the crunches alone.

This machine is very suitable for those who want a very sophisticated type of doing the crunches. But in reality, the basis of having a well sculpted abs is not solely on the price, but on the quality of the workout you can perform justified by a reliable scientific facts or proofs.


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