Yoga Exercise Mats – Exercise in comfort


Even though yoga does not require any specialized equipment, you would benefit from having a yoga mat.

A yoga mat is useful when you want to be comfortable as you do your daily yoga routine. When you are purchasing a mat to help you with yoga you should look for one that gives you the grip you need when doing your exercises, is soft, but yet firm, and one that is comfortable for the times when you have to lie down.

Whether you want to do relaxation or meditation exercises with your yoga workout a 3 in 1 mat is the best one to have. This type of mat lets you feel comfortable in all positions.

The exercise mat you choose should be large and able to absorb the sweat you lose as you exercise. You also need to have one that looks nice so you wont be turned off from doing your routine by the colors in the mat.

It is very easy to clean the exercise mat you use for your yoga routine. Regular dish detergent combined with water in a spray bottle will do the trick. Simply spray the solution onto the exercise mat and rub it all over with a damp sponge.

Wipe it clean with water and use a terry towel to dry up any excess water. Then hang it to dry so that it will be ready when you want to use it again. If there are stains on the mat, you can put it into a container of water, but try not to use very much soap. Soap may cause it to be slippery when it dries.


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