Yamaha YG6600D Generator


Individuals looking for a reliable and powerful generator that will suit different locations and job types can invest in the Yamaha Industrial 6000 Watt Generator Model: YG6600D. It is one of the most efficient devices in its class capable of providing electricity to different kinds of electronics and machines for several hours.

The Yamaha YG6600D is created in Japan and comes at a price of $2,099.99. It features 6,000 running and 6,600 surge watts. The generator can give 6,600 watts for a maximum of 20 minutes and 6,000 rated watts continuously for more than 20 minutes. The heavy duty design includes lifting eye that is great for jobsites and other types of work during power outage. Additionally, ground fault protection feature outlets that meet requirements set by OSHA.

The YG6600D model has a combustion chamber design to improve output of power and reduce exhaust emissions. The cast-iron sleeve and low oil alert in the engine makes it very convenient and extends total life span of the engine. The brushless alternator is available to keep everything easy to maintain. There is also a voltmeter and fuel gauge where you can easily read and view voltage and gas levels.

The engine runs on 12 HP with 3600 RPM and has a commercial and consumer engine warranty of 1 year. Auto voltage regulation is not necessary. The generator runs on gasoline contained in 8.3 gallons of metal tank. Decibel rating is 73.5 db at 7 meters. Everything weighs 194 lbs and measures 35.2 inches in length, 20.5 inches in width and 20.1 inches in height.

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