Yamaha YG2800i


Sensitive electronics and other devices requiring high amounts of power can rely on the Yamaha 2500 Watt Industrial Generator w/ Inverter Technology Model: YG2800i. It is a portable professional machine that can keep you working for a long time despite power outage. You can even bring it anywhere as the need arises. Find out about the features.

The YG2800i model is made by the Yamaha company coming in at a price of $1,299.99. It features 2,500 running and 7,500 starting watts. The generator has 2,800 maximum rated watts for a total time of 20 minutes. 2,500 rated watts can also run continuously for 20 minutes.

It has the Smart Throttle feature too wherein engine speed changes based on load. The heavy duty rugged design works well with construction and other job sites. Ground fault protection is available meeting OSHA requirements adequately. YG2800i has a 12-volt DC output where you can recharge 12-volt batteries for auto, RV, etc.

The YG2800i has a recoil starting system and a consumer and commercial engine warranty of 1 year. There is a low oil alert as well as cast iron sleeve. Voltage is 120 single-phase with a frequency of 60 Hz. The alternator is the inverter type.

Auto voltage regulation is available too. The generator runs on gasoline and has a tank size of 3 gallons made of metal. Run time is 12.5 hours on half load. Decibel rating at 23 feet is 60 to 67 db. The professional generator also has idle control. Everything weighs 66 lbs and measures 19.2L x 15.6W x 16.7H.

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