Yamaha Portable Generators


Commitment to quality and consistent performance, Yamaha generators are today considered as the best generators in the world beside Honda. These generators offer great power while remaining lightweight. They are small, compact and serve the purpose intended with high level of execution. Yamaha generators come with high performing Yamaha engines. They give maximum output under any given situation. They are durable, flexible and reliable. Maintenance of these engines at kept at bare minimum, thanks to their history and fine engineering.

These generators are fuel-efficient and give you maximum run-time. They are capable of handling heavy-load appliances like refrigerators or air conditioners. Moreover, they exhibit consistent performance for whatever output they provide due to full-time dual-voltage power. Yamaha owes its high success rate to its advanced engineering technology and state-of-the-art design. On some models, you can even get their “Power Burst” which allows Yamaha generators to start even larger appliances easily. Yamaha also has an inverter chip used to convert the DC electricity created from the engine to a clean and crisp AC current – safe even on sensitive electronics. Yamaha is known for their ultimate reliability when it comes to offering peak performance.

Yamaha Portable Generator Models

Yamaha EF1000Yamaha EF1000iSYamaha EF1000AYamaha EDL6500
Yamaha EF1600Yamaha EF2400iSYamaha EF2600A
Yamaha EF2600Yamaha EF2800iYamaha EF4600A
Yamaha EF4000DEYamaha EF3000iSEYamaha EF6600A
Yamaha EF4600DE
Yamaha EF5200DE
Yamaha EF6600DE
Yamaha EF12000DE


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