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Yamaha portable generator is amongst popular choices because the company produces a substantial number of different models. It is easy to find something that is an appropriate size and delivers sufficient power for everyone’s application in Yamaha power generators, and that’s one of its major advantages.

Buying Small Portable Yamaha Generator

ymaha portable generator

For a generator that is really portable and easy to take around, you can get a model that weighs as little as 27 pounds and will still supply sufficient power and has an inverter to take along for things like camping. The Yamaha EF1000iS portable generator will provide you with about 900 W of consistent power for twelve hours of continuous use.

This kind of Yamaha portable generator is easy to transport but you’ll have to unplug one appliance to use another so you have to weigh how important that is. A generator of this size would be suitable for recharging the batteries in your car or recreational vehicle. It’s also something that is going to be very quiet so if that’s important to you one of the smaller models might work better.

Heavier Power Requirements in a Yamaha Power Generator

yamaha power generator

For more serious electric power generation from a Yamaha, you should then look at something larger like the Yamaha EF5200DE gas powered portable generator. They are a little bit larger of course, and the smallest versions weigh in at around 200 pounds. Given this amount of weight though, they do pack a fair amount of power and they would be suitable for running appliances in the home during a blackout. They come with a number of smart options that have been provided by Yamaha.

Moving up to a model like this you’re going to get things like an oil watch warning system. It’s got a four stroke overhead valve engine that is air cooled and is going to supply you with about 5000W of power. This single cylinder generator has a cast iron cylinder lining for long life and comes with a full roll over frame for safety. It’s also got a muffler that will mean that your Yamha generator isn’t scaring off all of the wildlife when you start it up near your campground.

Large Power Consumption Yamaha Generators

If you want to get really serious about Yamaha portable generators and you need big power, then you can go up to some of the largest of the portable Yamaha EF series. At this point the generator is going to cost you a few thousand dollars but you get a lot more out of it. If that generator is something that you’re likely to use a lot then it might be a worthwhile investment.

yamaha generator

These units have wheels so they are a little easier to get around. That’s essential because this mobile Yamaha EF12000DE gas powered generator weighs in at over 300 pounds. Still portable, but pushing the limits of portability. For that way, you are getting about 12,000 W of power and 50 amps so you’re going to be able to run just about anything you want with one of these. If you need to use it for a work site then this might be a good choice; you could run a number of different power tools, like jigsaw, power drill and sanding machines on something like this simultaneously.

When you get up into these larger units, you will get things like electric starters and automatic chokes for ease of operation. Obviously, a larger engine on your portable Yamaha power generator is going to make more noise and these models have mufflers that will greatly reduce the noise pollution.

The largest in the EF Yamaha generator series will not only watch the oil, but will automatically shut down the unit if the oil level is too low. It will go into economy idle mode when you are not using a load from the generator and that will mean longer run times and less fuel used.

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