Yamaha Generator EF4000DE


For homes, jobsites, recreation and other outdoor activities, the Yamaha 3500 Watt Electric Start Generator Model: EF4000DE is advantageous. It provides sufficient energy for a variety of devices and makes work a lot safer and convenient since features are set to meet different standards and requirements. Here are the details.

At $1,5399.99, the EF4000DE gives 3,500 running or rated and 4,000 surge watts. 4,000 watts can be produced for a maximum of 20 minutes, while 3,500 rated watts can operate nonstop for more than 20 minutes. The engine has an electric starting system that can easily be activated with a press of a button. A recoil starting system is also available for backup.

EF4000DE offers ground fault protection with outlets that adequately meet OSHA requirements. It has a heavy duty and tough design complete with lifting eye, making it an excellent choice for jobsites. The unique combustion chamber design of the generator boosts power output while minimizing exhaust emissions. The cast-iron sleeve protects and enhances total engine life span. A brushless alternator is also featured for easy maintenance and to add more years of convenient service. The fuel gauge and voltmeter makes it easy to determine and check levels.

The engine runs on 8.5 HP with 3600 RPM. It has a consumer engine warranty of 2 years and a commercial engine warranty of 1 year. The generator runs on gasoline with a 4.8-gallon metal fuel tank. Run time at half load is 10.6 hours. A portability kit is present but should be ordered separately. Decibel rating at 23 feet is 69 db. The Yamaha EF4000DE weighs 145.5 lbs and measures 31.7 x 20.7 x 20.1 inches.

This generator is unmatched among its peers in the way it performs every job well, starting with the way it starts electronically. Its 251cc overhead valve engine has a unique chamber design to augment power output and efficiency. As it performs, the super-capacity fuel tank brings 10.6 hours of run time to the site without refueling. An ideal backup for the home or on the job site, the 4000DE features a durable cast-iron cylinder lining to provide unswerving performance during uninterrupted operation. An advanced oil watch warning system prevents engine damage and protects the owner against costly repairs and unnecessary downtime.

EF4000DE Specs

  • Maximum Watts: 4000
  • Continuous Watts: 3500
  • Dry Weight 192 lbs
  • Engine: 4 Stroke OHV
  • Run Time: 8 hrs (half load)
  • 6.1 Gallon Gas Tank

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