Yamaha Generator EF2800i


If its power you want, then its power you get, the Yamaha EF2800 generators represent a new line of Yamaha generators capable of powering up medium power appliances. Coming with a long list of features, this is a generator that will surely provide satisfaction.

Here are some of the features of Yamaha EF2800 generators that you can review:

· Super quiet – sleeping at night, concentrating at work or camping can easily be distracted with the loud noises a generator makes, but with the EF2800 Yamaha generator, you get Yamaha’s most quiet generator fitted with a large effective muffler to dampen the noise.

· Smart – the Yamaha EF2800 generator comes with an oil watch warning system that automatically turns the engine off when the oil level is dangerously low. It also has an electrical interference system that deflects interference from radio and TV interference.

· Strong – Fitted with rigid tubular steel frames for durability, strength and protection of the generator body.

· Safe – the EF2800 comes with a spark arrestor approved by the USFS that prevents sparks from escaping the exhaust that could potentially start fires.

· Economical – Fitted with the “economy control,” the Yamaha EF2800 works according to the demand. While most generators work at peal levels all the time, the EF2800 generator minimizes the engines RPM if there are not much power needed. As more energy is required, the engine’s RPM increases. This saves on fuel, as there is no energy wasted.

Using a generator doesn’t have to be noisy, irritating and difficult to lug around. Yamaha EF2800 generators offers a new alternative that redefines the traditional norm of generators.

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