Yamaha Generator EF12000DE


The Yamaha 9,500 Watt Electric Start Generator Model: EF12000DE is one of the most powerful professional devices around. It is your best bet for job sites and other construction work, being able to handle and support various tools and machines for optimum efficiency. It also includes more characteristics to ensure durability.

At a price of $3,699.99, the Yamaha EF12000DE is very affordable considering the energy that it can give. It provides 12,000 max rated watts. The generator can give 12,000 watts for 20 minutes and 9,500 rated watts for nonstop operation for more than 20 minutes. It features the electric start Yamaha engine that can be activated via a press button. There is also a recoil backup starting system. The AC non-fuse thermal breaker keeps the AC circuit protected during overload cases. It also has a cast-iron sleeve that protects and prolongs engine life.

The brushless alternator makes the EF12000DE very easy to maintain and manage so you have several years of worry-free service. There is a fuel gauge and voltmeter to check gas and voltage levels accurately. The engine runs on 22 HP with 3600 RPM which is one of the strongest among portable professional types. You also get to have 2-year consumer engine and 1-year commercial engine warranty. Low oil alert is present.

The generator runs on gasoline contained in a metal tank that can hold up to 11.4 gallons. The portability kit features plastic wheels for heavy duty work. Idle control is present. The Yamaha EF12000DE also has a decibel rating of 80 db at 23 feet. Everything weighs 328 pounds and measures 33.3 inches in length, 29.6 inches in width and 33.3 inches in height.

Yamaha EF12000DE

Builders will bring a super-quiet generator to the worksite with the Yamaha EF12000DE.

Providing over 10 hours of super duty work with 50 amps and 120/240 dual voltage output, there will be minimal downtime for refueling powering up super-heavy-load equipment like air compressors, table saws, and more.

The EF12000DE is a great amenity to take over during a power outage, too. The EF12000DE is Yamaha’s highest output gasoline-powered generator – and it can be converted to run on propane or LP gas.

Safety is also a key element with this model. A ground-fault-interrupter (GFI) will automatically cut off all power if it senses a problem.

The fuel gauge also monitors the fuel level for you.

EF12000DE Specs

  • Maximum Watts: 12000
  • Continuous Watts: 9500
  • GFCI System
  • Engine: 4 Stroke OHV
  • Run Time: 8 hrs (half load)
  • 80 dBA
  • 11.4 Gallon Fuel Tank

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