Yamaha EF6600DE


Maintenance requirements are kept to the bare minimum on the Yamaha EF6600DE, thanks to a clean energy output and high power surge.

You will run this Yamaha model for many worry-free years. Never worry again about having ample power either, because the EF6600DE can run most homes in an emergency situation.

Another benefit is its versatility, because it can be converted to run on propane or LP gas. Full-time, dual-voltage power will consistently take on heavy-load like operating air conditioners and refrigerators. This generator provides 8.3 hours of continuous operation without refueling. It features hassle-free electric starting, too.

EF6600DE Specs

  • Maximum Watts: 6600
  • Continuous Watts: 6000
  • Auto Idle
  • Engine: 4 Stroke OHV
  • Run Time: 6.8 hrs (half load)
  • 4 Point Mounting System
  • 6.1 Gallon Fuel Tank


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