Yamaha EF4600a


Yamaha EF4600a

The Yamaha EF4600 will generate everything you need and more with a versatile 4600 watts of maximum AC output. This hard worker is ideal a home emergency as it can power most basic home appliances. It also features a low-vibration 4-point mounting system inside its smooth, yet robust, frame for smooth, quiet performance. A large-capacity fuel tank provides up to 3.6 hours of service, and its designers included a wire harness protector for greater durability and reliability. Additionally, a non-fused thermal breaker protects your AC circuit in case of overload. Another safety plus is the large muffler with spark arrestor. The EF4600A is definitely the ideal model for powerful performance without a premium price tag.

EF4600a Portable Generator Specs

  • Maximum Watts: 4600
  • Continuous Watts: 4000
  • Engine: 4 Stroke OHV
  • 4 Point Mount

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