Yamaha EF2000is Portable Generator Review


Yamaha EF2000is Portable Generator Review

yamaha ef2000I portable generator

Yamaha EF2000is: Packed with clean, quiet electrical power this ultra portable generator by Yamaha is ideal for boating, camping, charging electrical devices and more. Due to a remarkably innovative inverter system, this unit is energy efficient and has no problem generating 2000 watts of uninterrupted electrical power.

Inverter technology produces electricity in a unique way by converting into pure sine waves. Pure sine waves allow for safe use of more delicate electronic devices or machinery without having to worry about any problems or damage from unrefined electrical outputs. Exceptionally quiet while running, the Yamaha EF2000is will run continuously for up to 10 1/2 hours on a single tank of gas.

The Yamaha Generator EF2000is is very well made and has a very functional, nice design to it as well. One of the most impressive features of this model is how quiet it is. I found that when it was running full throttle I could still talk on my cell phone with it running only six feet away from me. Purring along at a reduced noise level makes this portable generator perfect for nightime use where you need to sleep or be considerate of your neighbors. Even when running a job site in a residential area, the Yamaha 2000 Watt generator can often be used if noise restrictions are a concern.

The Yamaha EF2000is is ergonomically designed, easy to move around and with its TwinTech technology you can hook up two units into one 4000 watt generator for additional power and output. Other features include an overload breaker to protect your electrical devices from any unexpected power surges. The OHV engine is reliable, runs cool in tight compartments, and has an Economy Mode for added fuel efficiency. Equipped with its own “dual coil alternator stator” and “Smart Throttle Load” system, the motor will self adjust to lower engine speeds depending on the output requirement resulting in less fuel use while running.

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Yamaha Generator EF2000is – Product Details

2000 watt max electrical output, 1600 watt continuous electrical output
CARB Compliant for California residents
Exceptionally quiet exhaust-muffler design
Glass wool casing to absorb sound
Built-in inverter system for safe and clean electrical power
Compact and lightweight with ergonomic handle (44lbs)
12 volt DC output for easy charging of 12 volt batteries
Oil monitoring sensors and indicators
TwinTech feature allows 2 generators to be combined into one for greater output
Super energy efficient with up to 10.5 hours run time without having to refuel

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User friendly, the Yamaha EF2000is weighs less then 45 lbs and has an ergonomiccly designed handle for super easy transport by just about anyone in your family. The control panel is centrally located for easy access to all of its features. Additionally, the unit has an automatic decompression system to reduce the engine’s internal compression making start-ups a lot easier.

Charging 12 volt batteries is a snap with its built in 12 volt DC output. Perfect for auto, motorcycle, RV and boat batteries. Simply carry the generator (at only 44 lbs) out to your car or boat and it’s recharged in a short time with minimal effort.

Also included is an oil warning indicator designed to monitor oil levels and when the oil should be changed, giving you piece of mind that no damage will occur from low or dirty oil. Everyone who hears this generator can’t believe how quiet it is. Thanks to an innovative glass wool design and quiet muffler assembly noise is absorbed and dramatically reduced even when running wide open.

These sound blocking features along with vibration free motor mounts are why most noise is filtered and reduced so well. The Yamaha EF2000is comes with a full 2 year warranty and Yamaha’s reputation for quality service.

Here’s what one owner had to say about the YamahaEF2000is Generator

“This is a very high quality unit, nicely designed. I chose it over the Honda Eu2000i because it has a fuel gage and is a hair lighter (2 pounds), and liked the styling better. Specs are so close it’s a tie… the Yamaha unit specs a bit quieter in “eco” throttle but the Honda specs a bit quieter at full power. It is MUCH quieter than my boat’s inboard diesel engine, and more efficient than running the main engine just to top off the batteries. I also used it to power a heavy duty 120v grinder and it had no problems supplying the needed power, even on electric motor start-up.”


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yamaha 2000 generator for 12 volt batteries
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