Yamaha EDL6500S


Yamaha EDL6500S

Nothing comes close to the long-lasting reliability of diesel, especially the power generated by the Yamaha EDL65000S. This liquid-cooled model is fully sound insulated so it’s as quiet as you please, yet the 120/240-volt dual voltage generator delivers power for hours and hours of non-stop operation. An electric starter and quick-heating glow plugs combine with five plug receptacles and an easy-to-read monitor panel to keep use and maintenance easy. The EDL6500S has a twin-cylinder 570cc diesel engine to create 6500 watts maximum AC output. Remember, diesel is the preferred fuel for many applications and industries, including petroleum, marine, heavy equipment and stand-by power. And Yamaha is the preferred provider.

EDL6500S Diesel Generator Specs

  • Maximum Watts: 6500
  • Continuous Watts: 5800
  • Engine: Diesel
  • 4 Point Mount


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