Xpeed Boxing Gloves


Boxing is an essential gear for those who practice any form of punching or stoking activity. Martial arts or even just an exercise using a speed requires boxing Gloves. These boxing gloves provide protection and prevent any occurrences of injuries. If you invest in superior boxing gloves, they will help enhance the enjoyment and experience of doing any sporting activity.

Xpeed Boxing Gloves are an excellent choice for people who are looking for added comfort and protection. The brand is an authentic boxing brand which promises supreme quality and satisfaction to its customers. Xpeed is a fitness brand known in the market for innovation and engineering with the superior technology, all at an affordable price.

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Under the banner of Xpeed, there are various boxing gloves which hold different attributes. The first one is the XP 102 Weighted Glove. This Boxing glove is created by using the world’s best leather. The company promises added comfort by making sure that the glove has molded foam padding and is designed with a webbed thumb. Moreover it has an anti microbial and moisture wicking lining for safety of the users. The total weight of the glove is 22 oz and can easily be found in different sizes. These types of boxing gloves are usually bought by aspiring sportspeople who are just starting with boxing.

If you are professional Boxing player and martial arts is your life then you must invest in XP 001 IMF Glove by Xpeed Boxing Gloves. These gloves are specially made for the boxing activities and have a wrap around leather to provide wrist closure. This closure is extremely important because it provides tremendous support for the entire fist. These gloves also have an anti odor and anti microbial lining for absorption and safety. The sizes of the glove can be found in 8 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz.

Xpeed Boxing Gloves also hand stitched like XP 003 championship Glove which is covered by tanned leather with a water repellent satin lining. The glove has layered fibers and foam covering over the knuckle surface for the ease of the players.

If you are planning to purchase boxing gloves soon then we must inform you that the only reliable and durable gloves belong to this brand. Consumers are loyal to the products from the brand and hardly ever shift to any other boxing gloves brands, with most reviews of the product by those who have purchased it being excellent.

During the purchase of the Boxing Gloves, it is crucial that the user is aware of his size, the type of glove he wants and for what reason will the boxing glove be used for.  In the market the most flexible gloves belong to women and children. However the gloves for men are usually the largest. We recommend that you buy the best quality boxing glove that is big enough to fit over the hand wraps. Never choose a boxing glove which gives discomfort or inconvenience to your fingers or hands.

Xpeed boxing gloves can be bought from their website or by physically going to the company owned shops for better customer care.


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