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Wunderbrow Review

Makeup is now more than just a way to make yourself look more presentable – it’s a practice that has caused the rise of an entirely new subculture that thrives on great makeup products. So with a sudden boom in buyer interest, there comes a greater demand for newer, more efficient makeup solutions that help enthusiasts and bloggers bring out the best of their makeup prowess.

One of the aspects of makeup that a true blue makeup junkie can’t be without? Eyebrows. The now viral saying “eyebrows are life” has become something of a mantra for those who truly love the cosmetic art. So there’s no wondering why lots of different brands have begun to leverage makeup products specifically developed for achieving the perfect brow.

Taking over the spotlight for this coveted makeup aspect is Wunderbrow. Coming from the cult favorite makeup brand, Wunder2, the Wunderbrow promises pristine, perfect eyebrows that last no matter what you put them through. Now, if you’ve tried drawing in your eyebrows before, you already know that these are pretty bold claims.

So does the Wunderbrow give justice to these promises? Find out with our complete review.

At a Glance

Wunderbrow comes in a small vial that comes with a wand attached to the cap. The gel comes in 5 different shades, including blonde, brunette, auburn, black brown, and jet black. Ultimately, it doesn’t really look too different from other brow gels on the market. But what truly sets the Wunderbrow apart from other choices is the gel’s formula itself, which is pleasantly surprising, to say the least.


What has put the Wunderbrow Gel in the limelight is its bold promise that it’s resistant to all kinds of wear. This is because many other gels, pencils, and powders can only sustain light wear, meaning they’re likely to come off if you sweat or even just accidentally wipe them away during the day.

The Wunderbrow Gel on the other hand promises to stay on no matter what you put them through, and no matter how long you decide to wear them. They’re smudge proof, water proof, and transfer proof, so you can try rubbing away at them all you want and they will not come off.

So how exactly do you remove them? The Wunderbrow Gel can be removed once applied by rubbing vigorously with water and soap, or makeup remover. So unless you deliberately try to wash them away, they can stay on for days.

Natural Looking Brows

No one wants to look like they slapped on a pair of cartoon brows, and in most cases, that’s what happens with other brow gels and makeup tools. The Wunderbrow however, uses a unique Hair Fiber Complex that colors in your brows with special pigment that’s made to look like the natural hairs of your brow.

What you end up with are natural, thick looking brows that don’t look like they’ve been colored in with makeup. This is particularly ideal if you want to use the Wunderbrow Gel for your everyday look, so you can enjoy the benefits of perfect, natural looking brows for the ideal daytime look.

Easy to Apply

It can be difficult to get the perfect brows, especially if you don’t use the right makeup tool for the job. So Wunderbrow makes it easier by giving you an ergonomically shaped wand that makes filling in your brows much more accurate. The gel also requires no more than a single step – and that is to apply the gel directly to your brows using the provided wand. Compared to other brow gels that require the use of special primer formulas and even post-gel products, this can be much more convenient for users on the go.

A Color for Everyone

Understanding that not everyone has the same skin tone or hair color, the Wunder2 brand has come out with 5 different brow shades that make it easy for anyone to get their perfect shade. Blonde, brunette, auburn, black brown, and jet black are currently the available colors for the Wunderbrow gel, but rumor has it that the brand is preparing to put out a few other shades just to add some diversity to the product’s color line.

Ultra Long Lasting

Tired of spending hours in front of the mirror every day, just trying to get your eyebrows perfected? The Wunderbrow reduces the time spent getting ready in the morning by eliminating one of the most time consuming practices of the day – drawing in your eyebrows. Simply draw in your brows at the start of the week, and enjoy full, beautifully pigmented, natural brows all week long minus all the time spent perfecting them in the bathroom every morning.

Pros of the Wunderbrow Gel

  • Everything proof means you can go about your day without worrying about whether or not your eyebrows are still in place.
  • Lots of different colors to choose from means you can be sure to find the perfect shade for your skin tone and hair color.
  • One step application is easy and straightforward, unlike other products that require the use of other formulations before and after gel application.
  • Natural, full colored brows that don’t look slapped on or fake.
  • Lasts for several days, so you won’t have to keep reapplying your brow gel every day.

Cons of the Wunderbrow Gel

  • Requires a lot of effort to remove, causing some users to irritate the skin of the brow upon removal.
  • Doesn’t come with its own remover formulation.
  • Quick to dry, so if you make a mistake during application, it can be a challenge to correct.


Every makeup product has its cons, but with all the benefits that the Wunderbrow Gel offers, it’s easy to let the flaws slide. Ultimately, you get a long lasting brow solution that gives you perfect, natural looking brows minus all the everyday effort. And when it all comes right down to it, that puts the Wunderbrow Gel at a major advantage over any other choice in the market.


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