Wool socks


People should take care of their feet like they take care for other body parts. Our feet are constantly battered. People are on their feet up to 12 hours a day. So dont neglect your feet and take good care of them.

Made from natural materials

You should always feel comfortable in your socks. If your socks are not made from natural materials your feet will hurt. Artificial materials will hurt your feet because these materials do not breathe. When you are sweating in your feet these artificial materials wont let your feet and socks to dry.These conditions are perfect for different kind of bacteria. Your feet will itch and you can even get feet infections.

Wool socks are made from natural materials which will help your feet to breathe. Wool is a material gathered from sheep and it can absorb a lot of moisture and therefore keep your feet dry. Wool socks are usually made from sheep wool.

Perfect for winter and summer time

You can also get wool from different kind of animals which can absorb even more moisture but this wool is also more expensive.

Socks made from natural materials are especially effective if you are doing a lot of sports. Especially sports that are physically intensive like: running, playing tennis, playing soccer,skiing….Your feet sweat a lot when you are doing these kind of sports so it is especially important that your feet breathe and dry faster. They are great for activities that involves a lot of standing like playing golf and shopping. They provide great comfort and durability and they are lightweight.

Wool is also a natural isolation material. This means that once heated it will keep warm for longer period than any other kind of material. This ability is especially useful in different kind of winter sport activities. Wool socks will keep your feet warm even in the coldest conditions.


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