Wooden Bunk Beds for Kids – Tips and Best Deals


There are many types of bunk beds for sale on the market, made from different materials, such as wood, steel, aluminum and others. I want to talk to you in this post about wooden bunk beds, give you some good reasons why you should be considering buying one and also show you some great bunk beds deal.

Wooden bunk beds are the most common type of bunk bed. You can find them in any room that has more than one inhabitant (that are not willing to share a bed). It’s structure is simple: the bunk bed frame, the slats that hold the bunk bed mattress, the guardrails (for safety reasons) and the bunk bed ladder.

They come in different types, such as the classic twin over twin bunk bed, loft bunk beds, futon bunk beds and l shaped bunk beds. They also come in different sizes, so before decide buying any type of these bunk beds, think about they dimensions needed for the two bunks.

Here are some excellent deals on wooden bunk beds for kids

••• The Twin Solid Wood Bunk Bed made from cherry wood is now at $549 $217.40!

Twin Solid Wood Bunk Bed available at $217.40

This is an elegant and comfortable wooden bunk bed that gives the room a stylish and modern appearance. The bunk bed frame is made from solid cherry wood and is designed to be safe: it has guardrails all around the upper bunk and a solid integrated ladder. One of it’s greatest features is that it can easily turn into two separate beds.

This Wood Bunk Bed can easily turn into two separate beds

It does not come with a mattress but you have full online support and a toll-free number in case you have any questions. If you want to find out more about this Twin Solid Wood Bunk Bed, follow this link.

••• From the loft wood bunk beds category, I have for you a great deal: The Natural Finish Wood Twin Loft Bunk Bed. It’s price is a little bit bigger (well, double actually), but it’s worth every penny: $610.75.

So much storage space inside of only one bunk bed

These types of solid wood bunk beds, this one especially offer a lot of storage space; and I know that’s something many of you wish for (it comes with separate drawers and also book shelves). It is excellent for kids and youths and even if it looks a little bit complicated to assemble, no worries; you will get the detailed instructions how to do that job proper. Are you interested in this item, visit this page for details.

••• The Orbell Twin Over Twin Wood Bunk Bed is magnificent! Its looks are beautiful and it is perfect for a classy kids bedroom. You are wondering about the price? Well then, you should know that this wooden bunk bed that is made from  solid beech wood cost only $599.

Class and style with the Orbelle Wooden Bunk Bed

This bunk bed also has the feature to be separated into two beds for when your kids won’t be sharing the same room anymore. It also has a gorgeous detailed curved spindle headboard and foot board and a integrated in the frame ladder. So, for more details about this bunk bed, visit this link.

••• You want to know what is another great thing about this twin over twin Orbelle bunk bed? It comes in a cherry color also! The price is the same ($599), but the looks are different.

The Orbelle Twin Over Twin made from cherry wood

Here you can fin out more details about it.

••• There are many solid wood bunk beds on the market, but this one that I will show you next has the an excellent price/quality ratio. We are lowering the prices and bring you The Acme Full Over Full Pine Wood Bunk Bed at $524.99 $340.20.

Everything a classic wooden bunk bed has to offer at a great price – $340.20

This product is from the extra solid wood bunk beds category that is perfect for two kids that share a room. It weights 135 pounds and its dimensions are 80 x 57 x 62 inches. The mattress is also sold separately, as it happens for all wood bunk beds on this page. For more details about this product and reviews from the people that bought it, go to this page.


Like any other bunk beds, classic wood bunk beds offer you the possibility to save some space in your kids room that can be used as an excellent playing spot. Also, as you may have read in different testimonials, children really enjoy sleeping in these types of beds. It is fun to climb in the top bunk and by using your imagination playing all sorts of games and having a good time.

Solid wood bunk beds serve as a much safer playground. Therefor, do not ignore the risks that your kids expose to when are using a bunk bed. Do not forget to buy a classic wood bunk bed that has incorporated in the frame guardrails for all four sides of the top bunk and a steady ladder. Also, the bunk bed frame and slats should be solid enough to sustain the weight of the people that are using it along with the weight of the mattresses. Don’t forget that any of the wooden bunk beds that I presented in this post don’t come along with a mattress.

Be sure of what type of wood bunk bed you need when you decide to buy one. As you may have read, there are different types: the classic bunk beds, futon bunk beds, loft bunk beds, l shaped bunk beds and even themed bunk bedsFor more details on each of these categories, feel free to surf on this site.

Another question that you have to ask yourselves when you decide to buy a bunk bed such as the ones that I showed you is “will I be separating the bunk bed into two beds in a couple of years?“. If your answer is “yes”, the consider buying a classic wooden bunk bed that has this feature (as you may have read from the description of each product, not all of them do, so choose carefully).

With this said, I think the wooden bunk beds topic don’t have any secrets for you anymore. I hope you found useful information in this post regarding this subject and that you will enjoy the bunk bed that you will buy following our advices.


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