Miter Saws Are A Blessing To The People Involved In Wood Work


Miter saws are indeed an indispensable tool for the carpenters. It is also referred to as the chop saw or drop saw. It is able to make precise miters, compound, bevel and crosscuts in the work piece. There are the manual and powered miter saws. But nowadays the powered one as more or less replaced the manual one. Mainly they are used for the purpose of framing and cutting of shaped piece of wood which is used as a decorative feature (moulding).

It is a must tool for a professional who has a very heavy work load and it is also popular among the wood work enthusiasts. It is the ideal tool for cutting the mouldings and boards which are otherwise difficult to cut. These miter saws are available in a whole range of configurations. In this device above the circular base the circular blade is suspended with the aid of a radical arm. There is a fence which is running all across the base with a gap so as to ensure that the blade can move freely. This fence ensures that a steady surface is provided to hold the board and enabling it to make precise cuttings.

Another greatest advantage of the miter saws is that it rotates in a manner which is relative to the base and this enables you to set a specific angle and the blade will cut repetitively at that particular angle. You can tilt the blade in a vertical manner, hence enabling you to create with the saw bevel cuts. This tool ensures that your wood cutting experience would be a very easy one. Mainly there are two types of miter saws- compound and sliding miter saw.

Compound miter saws- the blade of the saw is attached to the arm and you are able to make precise cuts by pulling down the blade and you are able to cut the pieces that are very narrow. You are able to get the miter cut as well as the bevelled cut. Nowadays some of them come with dual bevel which means that the saw blade can be tilted to both right and left. This is very convenient and helps in reducing the clearing space since the blade can operate on either side. Cordless saws are available which is very useful when you have to work in places where there is no source of power.

Sliding miter saws- it is very handy when you need to cut mouldings and boards which are very wide. In this device the blade is placed on a track and unlike the compound saw you do not bring the blade on to the material that has to be cut. Instead you slide it on the material as you keep cutting it. You are not able to cut very narrow pieces and more over it is a heavier and has a plethora of moving parts.

When you decide to buy miter saws you should look into the range of the bevel and miter angles. You should buy the one which will fulfil all your requirements.


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